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Motorcycle case law and what they mean to motorcycle users

Motorcycle Case Law Case law is a very useful tool used by law firms and solicitors when valuing claims and also assisting with decisions on liability; we can also use previous case law in our favour to clarify points in dispute and help us get better compensation for our clients.   Overtaking/filtering The Highway Code…

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Case Study – When The Third Party Denies Any Involvement In The Accident

Following the majority of road traffic accidents, details are exchanged between the parties involved and, whilst there may be a dispute as to who is responsible for the collision, the parties insurance companies are able to correspond with each other and exchange evidence in order to establish who is at fault.

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Customer Story: Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) Untraced Agreement

In May 2014, Oakwood Solicitors was approached by Mrs. C Hobbs of Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire to pursue a personal injury claim following a Road Traffic Accident she had been involved in with an unidentified motorist.   On 29 April 2014, Mrs. Hobbs had been travelling home following a visit to her elderly mother who resided…

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Stricter implications coming into force for Drivers using mobile phones at the wheel

Theresa May is attempting to make using mobile phones at the wheel as unacceptable as drink driving by imposing new stricter regulations.

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Importance of Independent Witness Evidence

It may not be the first thing on your mind after you have been involved in a road traffic accident which was not your fault but, if you are not seriously injured and are physically able, take the time to speak to nearby pedestrians or other road users who may have witnessed the accident.

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Should The Term ‘Road Traffic Accident’ Be Changed?

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s) is the phrase commonly used when referring to incidents that happen on the roads. These incidents can be life-changing, for those involved and also their loved ones and families. The World Health Organisation states more than 1.2 million people die in road traffic collisions every year and as many as 50…

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If only Volkswagen had embraced Whistleblowing

As the fallout from one of the biggest scandals in corporate history continues to roll on, one key question on commentators’ lips is “Why did no-one speak out earlier?” Well the truth of the matter is, according to Bild, the national German daily newspaper, that a VW engineer did warn the giant carmaker that what…

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If you have sustained injuries similar to the iconic figure of the 1950’s Montgomery Clift you could be owed thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation if you were not to blame for the incident.

Montgomery Clift was injured in a car accident at the time he was filming Raintree County. Mr Clift left a friends dinner party one evening and set off driving in his car. Whilst he was travelling home he lost control of his car and smashed into a telegraph pole. The nature of his facial injuries…

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Many people involved in a car accident make false injury claims following a collision in London. If you try to do this or if you deliberately put yourself in a position where an accident will occur so you can try and make a claim you may find yourself being prosecuted for making a fraudulent claim.

You are only entitled to make a personal injury claim following a car accident if you genuinely sustained injuries in an accident and you can satisfy the third party insurers that these injuries are real. Following a car accident it is always advisable to seek medical attention from a qualified medical professional to ensure that…

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