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Employment Law No Win No Fee Solicitors – Leeds

Are you seeking legal professionals who are specialists in handling disputes involving all aspects of employment law to provide you with advice for your particular situation following a dispute with your employer in Leeds?   If you are involved in employment dispute at your place of work, you should consult the highly qualified and experienced…

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DWP Disability Discrimination

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is set to conduct a review into its practices, as it is revealed that it has been on the losing end of more employment tribunals for Disability Discrimination than any employer in Britain. According to research by BBC’s Panorama series, the DWP received 134 claims of discrimination against…

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Bullying In Lincolnshire Hospitals

According to a recent story in The Lincolnite, as many as one in three or more staff think about leaving the NHS due to bullying in Lincolnshire hospitals. Cases are as widespread as receiving harassment and abuse from patients, as well as bullying from fellow colleagues and even their managers. Based on staff feedback reports,…

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Gender Discrimination: Men More Likely To Feel Discriminated Against At Work

Statistics gathered by SME Loans have revealed that upwards of 8.2 Million UK employees feel they have experienced discrimination due to their gender throughout their working lives. Of the 2000 workers polled, 26% believed that gender discrimination had cost them in some way in the workplace, with the survey surprisingly revealing that more men felt…

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Poor Mental Health Amongst Workers – Costing Increase for Employers

According to a recent report by the charity Mind and recruitment firm Deloitte, the increase in prevalence of poor mental health amongst workers is affecting employers in more ways than just absence. With many staff reportedly scared to admit to struggling emotionally to colleagues and management, time spent at work is often unproductive as opposed…

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Workplace Bullying and Fear

According to a recent report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a quarter of employees think that their company turns a blind eye to workplace bullying and harassment. The report, based on two online surveys, one for more than 2,000 workers and the other for HR Professionals and decision-makers, revealed that more…

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The Main Causes of Workplace Stress in 2019

A recent survey by Cartridge People revealed that stress was the main cause for workers to be searching for new jobs over the last year, but what factors have led to employees feeling such pressure? According to the survey’s findings: 48% of the British population feel stressed at least once a week, with 12% feeling…

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Stress at Work? Pets Can Help

Stress is how the body naturally defends against predators or dangerous situations. It causes the body to be flushed with hormones including cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which help you to be ready to evade or confront danger. These chemicals trigger a number of physical symptoms including increased heart rate, sweating and alertness. In the short…

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Stress at Work Causing Burnout For UK Nurses – Randstad UK

According to a survey carried out by recruitment agency Randstad UK – 63% of practising UK nurses who were questioned claimed that pressure at work was having a significantly negative effect on their mental health. Also, 50% attribute this constant pressure to actual mental conditions, and 21% describing their mental health as ‘poor’. Gender bore…

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Stress Statistics – 1/8 Employees Absent Due to Stress in the Last Year

According to stress statistics reported by East Midlands Business Link, one in every eight company employees has felt the need to take time off work due to excessive workplace stress in the last year. Dolan Contractor Group contacted 140 UK employers and drew its findings as to what workers deemed to be ‘Excessive workplace stress’,…

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