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Child Scarred for Life Before a Family Holiday

A seven-year-old school girl was left with severe burns across her body 40 minutes into a four-hour flight of their first family holiday, when cabin crewmember spilled a cup of tea over her. The flight attendant was passing the child’s mother a cup of tea. However, the lid wasn’t on properly and spilled on the…

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6.2 Million Child Abuse Victims in England and Wales – Statistics

While the majority of the time TV soaps involve themselves in storylines that are wacky or outlandish, they also have the ability to draw people’s attention towards more serious and relevant issues. Long-running TV soap Emmerdale is no different and is currently the process of going through a child abuse storyline. In this, a character…

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Testicular Cancer Guide – Checking Your Lumps

A recent survey reveals that, although men on average ‘check’ their testicles seven times a day, 62% of the respondents would not allow a medical professional near them. The Movember Foundation – an international movement raising awareness of men’s physical and mental health issues – recommends that checks are made once a month to identify…

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Pets – Companions and Stress Relief at Work?

At Oakwood Solicitors, we recently participated in ‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’ as part of our many initiatives to help raise awareness of wellbeing and stress relief at work. Here’s a photo of our Head of Department and Director Jessica Rowson with her dog Hamish:   Did you know that there are benefits to…

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Are Any of Your Staff Close to ‘Breaking Point’ Because of Stress?

Most of us assume that we’re pretty switched-on when it comes to colleagues at work. Many of us have good relationships with co-workers, exchanging chatter, jokes and what you’ll be doing over the weekend as part of a normal working day. However, what we don’t always realise is when the ‘norm’ may be eroding away.…

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Stress Statistics – 1/8 Employees Absent Due to Stress in the Last Year

According to stress statistics reported by East Midlands Business Link, one in every eight company employees has felt the need to take time off work due to excessive workplace stress in the last year. Dolan Contractor Group contacted 140 UK employers and drew its findings as to what workers deemed to be ‘Excessive workplace stress’,…

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HSE: Work-related Stress at 18-Year High

A release of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) annual figures for Great Britain confirm that cases of work-related stress are at an 18 year high, with more new cases reported than the previous year. HSE’s formal definition of work-related stress is “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand…

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Company Fined £130,000 After Industrial Accident

Boal UK Ltd, in Shepshed, which produces aluminium products, has been fined more than £130,000 and ordered to pay costs of £6,346, after one of its workers was involved in an industrial accident. The worker and four of his colleagues were involved with carrying out maintenance on a machine by replacing a part, in May…

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What is Workplace Bullying?

On the surface, “What is workplace bullying?” seems like an obvious question. Bullying can involve verbal disagreements and arguments, but it can also be more subtle. Other forms of bullying include: Excluding and ignoring someone Overloading someone with work Spreading malicious rumours or gossip Unfair treatment Undermining someone Denying someone training or promotional opportunities  …

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