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A Guide to Vibration Injury Claims

If you have suffered harm due to a vibration injury at work, you may be entitled to claim compensation.   Vibration injuries are caused by regularly using vibrating tools such as chainsaws, jackhammers and pneumatic drills without the correct protections in place. Figures show that almost two million people are at risk of vibration injuries, while…

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5 top conditions skin cancer can be mistaken for

Skin cancer cases are on the rise in the UK, and that means that people should be educated more than ever on the signs and symptoms of this disease.   Skin cancer is thought to be caused by unprotected exposure to the sun, but in most cases, it is curable with an early diagnosis and…

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Symptoms and how to stay safe

May marks Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to increasing knowledge about skin cancer, encouraging preventative measures, and highlighting the importance of early detection.   Most skin cancer cases are caused by sun exposure and studies show that 86% of cases could have been prevented. Skin Cancer Awareness Month aims to educate people on…

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Infected blood scandal compensation scheme announced for victims

Compensation for victims of the infected blood scandal will be made before the end of the year, ministers have confirmed.   The announcement comes after the public inquiry into the Infected Blood Scandal concluded yesterday, which revealed the shocking extent of failures the government and NHS made. Today, government announced that victims will receive £210,000…

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Silicosis: Concerns raised for migrant workers in stonemasonry industry

Concerns have been raised for the safety of migrant workers who work in the stonemasonry industry after figures show that some are being exposed to toxic materials without protection.   The warning comes as Kevin Bampton, the chief executive of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), said there were fears over workers being exposed to toxic silica dust when…

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Farmer suffers serious injuries after being crushed by haybales

A farming partnership in Surrey has been fined £36,000 after a young father was seriously injured.   Christopher Rolfe from Horsham in West Sussex, sustained four rib fractures when five hay bales, each weighing 600kg, toppled and fell on top of him at Polesden Lacey Farm on 28 April 2022.     Just 26 at the time, Christopher had…

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Infected Blood Scandal: Inquiry into ‘biggest NHS treatment disaster in history’ to publish findings 

A public inquiry into the infected blood scandal is due to publish its findings, after being dubbed the ‘biggest treatment disaster in NHS history’.   HIV and hepatitis C-infected blood was given to more than 30,000 people in blood transfusions and contaminated blood products for more than two decades. The scandal affected two groups of vulnerable people, who needed blood…

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Teacher found guilty of sexual offences against two schoolboys

A school teacher has been found guilty of having sex with two schoolboys after falling pregnant with one whilst on bail.   Rebecca Joynes, 30, was convicted of four counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of sexual activity with another child, by a jury at Manchester Crown Court today.     The jury was told…

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Silicosis: Stonemason diagnosed with lung disease after working on historic castle

A stonemason diagnosed with severe lung conditions from harmful dust exposure while working on a historic cathedral says he lives in “constant pain.”   Gordon Walters, 60, started working on the maintenance and renovation of Elgin Cathedral in Moray, north-east Scotland, at age 16 in the 1980s. Over five years, he was exposed to large…

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