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Injury Prevention Week – Collisions

APIL’s injury prevention week is focusing on e-scooters this year. We’ve all seen them (and encountered them, no doubt) and it is clear they are a swift way to move within a city without the need for additional vehicles on the road.   However, if in the hands of riders who lack care, they are…

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How pressure at Amazon affects safety in the workplace

As a personal injury paralegal, I encounter a number of clients who are injured due to pressure of work.   When considering the word ‘pressure’ I am not referring to day to day pressures, such as dealing with an urgent task and then moving on to something that is more routine, I am talking about…

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Negligent surgical procedures – Client case studies

Here are two recent medical Negligence client case studies regarding negligent surgical procedures, complete with their awarded compensation amounts and a client testimonial.   Case Study 1 – Trans-Vaginal Tape Surgery The Claimant was diagnosed with stress incontinence and thereafter, was advised to undergo TVTO (Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Obturator). No alternative treatments were offered to…

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Gareth Malone – Tinnitus Diagnosis

For those millions of viewers who sit down to watch the One Show on the BBC and for those that know of the choirmaster Gareth Malone and all the great things he has done over the years, I am sure it came as a surprise to learn, as it did to me last night (16th…

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Common supermarket claims – slips, trips and falls

It has recently been found that accidents arising from slips, trips or falls are within the top three claims on supermarkets’ insurance policies.   In this article we discuss what action an injured person can take and how a supermarket can prevent this from occurring.     It has been estimated that the supermarket industry…

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Global campaigns to secure protections for LGBTQI+ people

Global campaigns to secure protections for LGBTQI+ people have made excellent progress over recent years.   But we cannot take the foot off the gas now, many people are still facing prejudice and violence on a daily basis. Sexual orientation and gender identity are hugely integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination…

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The Autism Show

I attended the Autism Show in Manchester at the weekend with my 13 year old (who has autism and ADHD) and his Nanny.   I wanted to share our experience as a follow up to the Autism Week articles and Instagram takeover from a few weeks ago. Not having attended an event like this before,…

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Insurer Approaches to Diminution Claims

So your vehicle has been involved in an accident that was the fault of another driver. You are now worried that your car will have lost some value as a result of it sustaining damage and needing to be repaired.   Following this, your car will have a repair history and may suffer prejudice on…

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Care Home shut for good following CQC Review

A care home in Stoke is set to close with the loss of all jobs due to the withdrawal of funding following a poor review from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).   Workers at Mitchell House Nursing Home were informed that the facility would be closing, with all staff being made redundant. The care home…

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