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The Man Who Donned A Wig And A Black Dress To Sexually Assault A University Student

On Friday 3rd July 2020, a dangerous sexual predator was found guilty of sexual assault by penetration against an Islington university student whilst wearing a wig and black minidress. This case was one of many sexual assaults to take place in the last 12 months.   The case In September 2019, Mark Brown was captured…

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Planning for the future in times of Covid-19 and lockdown

We are living through perhaps the most trying time for the country, and even the world, since World War II.   This might sound melodramatic, but the fact is that businesses are closing down in droves, families are kept apart, and crucially – hospital and GP services are running on skeleton staff to free up…

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Can I Sue Someone For Assault?

In the year ending March 2018, 665,000 people sustained at least a minor injury as a result of an assault. These statistics incorporate a number of different types of crimes of violence, from one-off physical altercations to sexual assault.   As a victim of a crime of violence, the first thought is to go for…

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10 Stress-Busting Tips For Working From Home During Covid-19 Lockdowns

As we crawl into the seventh month of working from home for many people in office-based employment, we’ve reached a point now where the pros and cons of home as your workplace have reared their heads.   Whilst some may see it as marvellous that they no longer need a dog sitter or a two-hour…

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Free Wills Month 2020

All throughout October 2020, Oakwood Solicitors Ltd is offering the drafting of a free Will to anyone, in exchange for a donation to one of our charity partners.   We’ve been participating in this fantastic scheme for several years now, and we’ve managed to team up with Free Wills Month, Breast Cancer Haven Yorkshire and…

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Employment Law No Win No Fee Solicitors – Leeds

Employment Law Advice Leeds   Are you seeking legal professionals who are specialists in handling disputes involving all aspects of employment law to provide you with advice for your particular situation following a dispute with your employer in Leeds?   If you are involved in employment dispute at your place of work, you should consult…

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Self Care – A Guide to Mental Health

Self-care is a constant repetition of many habits which together soothe you and make sure you are at your optimum emotionally, physically and mentally. Mental Health.

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Covid-19 and Your Personal Injury Claim

Covid-19 and Your Personal Injury Claim     We have now been in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic for the majority of 2020 and it is clear that a return to normal is still some way off. However, we have seen the shift from the initial confusion, to businesses adapting to a new way…

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Motorcycle case law and what they mean to motorcycle users

Motorcycle Case Law Case law is a very useful tool used by law firms and solicitors when valuing claims and also assisting with decisions on liability; we can also use previous case law in our favour to clarify points in dispute and help us get better compensation for our clients.   Overtaking/filtering The Highway Code…

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