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Hotel of Horrors

ARTICLE BY BEVERLEY BARKER With the Easter break fast approaching and many of us taking the opportunity to enjoy a ‘staycation’, it is perhaps worth taking a moment to remember what responsibilities owners have to their guests when staying in holiday accommodation. Beverley Barker, a paralegal within our EL/PL department recently used Airbnb when visiting…

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Dog Attack – Case Study

ARTICLE BY RACHEL ELLIS The Claimant, a young woman, was invited to the residential property and was expected by the owner. Although the Claimant had not visited the property before, she was aware that there was a large breed of dog at the property. She did not know any further information about the dog. The…

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Accidents on Board an Aircraft – Who’s to Blame?

ARTICLE BY: ANNIE DAVIES Over recent years, the number of passengers boarding aircraft has increased dramatically. This vast increase of passengers inevitably leads to an increase in the occurrence of onboard incidents involving staff or other paying passengers. According to one estimate, approximately 4,500 passengers are injured each year from falling baggage. Another common cause…

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Vaginal Mesh Procedure – Update

ARTICLE BY CAROL COOK Carol Cook, our Head of Medical Negligence, responds to the consideration of the Vaginal Mesh Implant procedure being reinstated on the NHS: “There will have to be substantive research, development and testing on this product before it should be allowed back into general use, as it is considered that this mesh…

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The Digital World Part Two: Incapacity and the Digital World

ARTICLE BY: CHARLOTTE BANDAWE During our lifetime, our online presence is always increasing. So what happens to our social media and online accounts if we become permanently incapacitated? No-one has any access to my accounts. What can I do? Prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney, providing specific instructions to your attorneys to deal with your…

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Routes Into Law and the Legal Profession

ARTICLE BY: DARYL SMITH Make no mistake, the path to working in the legal profession can be tough and involves a huge amount of hard work. However, it is also rewarding, fulfilling and leaves you with a sense of pride in your achievements. While, in general, there are no specific subjects that are required to…

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London Scaffolding Collapse

When recent news broke of the scaffolding collapse in London outside a prominent hospital, I’m sure there were a number of relieved patients and passers-by who felt lucky to have avoided serious injury.

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An Employee Right to Day One Flexible Working Requests – Is This Idea Flawed?

The Labour Party has recently pledged, if they are elected, that they will introduce the right for employees to apply for flexible working from day one of employment.

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Making a Personal Injury Claim

When making a claim for Personal Injury, it is important for the Claimant to make sure that they are certain of the facts and figures before it is submitted.

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