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Employee Made Redundant In A Car Park Wins £42,000

A recent case in the Employment Tribunal shows the importance of getting a redundancy process correct.   Mr Dolby, the Claimant, was employed as a Business Development Manager at Stuart Plant Ltd and had been so for 10 years. He had been asked by his boss, Stuart Sayer, for a ‘catch-up’ at a local Holiday…

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Three-Year-Old Hit By E-Scooter Left With Catastrophic Injuries, Sparking Call For Regulations 

On Monday evening a three year old girl was taken to hospital after she was hit by an e scooter in Myatt’s Field Park in South London at around 8:30pm.   The hospital described her condition as being stable but her parents were informed that her injuries would be life changing. The Metropolitan Police are…

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A Guide to Restrictive Covenants

An employee leaving a company can often be in an advantageous position to take advantage of information about their former employer`s business, customers or other confidential information.   The use of this information could potentially cause harm to the former employer`s business as a result. There are a number of implied terms in an employee`s…

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Mum Of Six Dies Of Cervical Cancer, One Year After All Clear

Victoria Ayers died on the 12th of July after losing her battle, as the cancer had spread to her kidney, pelvis and stomach.   Victoria started feeling quite ill in the December of 2019 and began to rapidly lose weight in the run-up to the Christmas of that year. She was later diagnosed with stage…

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Interview With An Apprentice – Setara Blair

From Apprentice to full-time member of the team – we discuss the journey experienced by one of our recruits who joined us via the workplace apprenticeship scheme.   We have recruited some brilliant team members from every background imaginable, so we thought it would be nice to shed some light on a colleague who entered…

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How Do I Lessen The Risk Of A Prescription Or Medication Error?

Unfortunately, prescription and medication errors do happen. As much as anyone tries to do their job to the best of their ability, a pharmacist, GP or medical care worker is still a human being capable of making a mistake.   On collecting your prescription, the ultimate responsibility lies on the pharmacist to ensure that the…

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BBC Sued By Widow Over Husband’s Asbestos Death

The wife of a symphony orchestra musician who died from mesothelioma at the age of 73 is suing the BBC after it conceded that it was liable for his death.   Christopher Larkin was a horn player for the corporation’s symphony orchestra, and had played at the Maida Vale studios in London for over three…

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Debunking The Most Common Misconceptions About CICA Claims

An article for those in doubt.   Many potential applicants for CICA claims have certain preconceptions about how the CICA scheme works and what they are entitled to receive. These are the most commonly debunked:   CICA claims get victims compensation from the person who caused their injuries This is not the case. Any compensation…

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Sarah Everard – Case Developments

In March 2021, the body of Sarah Everard was discovered and police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested for murder.   The events triggered numerous debates and outrage amongst advocates for women’s safety, with numerous vigils being held for Sarah across the country. One of which was attended by the Duchess of Cambridge. As of 9th…

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