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The Ultimate Guide to Mis-sold Pensions

Oakwood Solicitors Ltd and its in-house team of Financial Litigation experts present you with the Ultimate Guide to Mis-sold Pensions. Every question you had about pension litigation but were afraid to ask is answered below in digestible chunks that break down ‘legalese’. If you do have any other questions, please feel free to contact us…

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Alex Reid Jailed for Lying in Personal Injury Claim

Alex Reid, former partner of Katie Price and cage fighter, has been found guilty of contempt of Court and has been sentenced to eight weeks’ imprisonment due to making false statements in a road traffic accident claim.   Mr Reid suffered a road traffic accident in 2018 and sought to make a personal injury claim…

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How I Deal With Stress – Mia Cecchini

In our latest Mental Health Awareness Month article, Mia Cecchini from our Employment team shares her own strategy for coping with stress.   When I feel stressed because I have a lot of tasks to complete whether that be at work or at home or often times both, the concept of ‘Eat that Frog’ (a…

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Recent TikTok Trend Allegedly Used To Trigger Widespread Rape On April 24th, 2021

A troubling new TikTok trend has sparked controversy and concern. This alleged hoax involves reference to April 24th as ‘National Rape Day’ – a day where rape is wrongfully asserted to be legal and encouraged.   The trend has rapidly spread through social media channels with #april24 receiving more than 31.1 million views and more…

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NHS Trust Pleads Guilty To Charges Over Death Of Seven-Day-Old Baby

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Trust have admitted to causing harm to seven-day-old baby Harry Richford, by failing to provide safe care and treatment.   The prosecution, which is the first of its kind, was brought by the Care Quality Commission. Harry Richford died seven days after his emergency delivery at Queen Elizabeth The Queen…

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Abuse in Schools – Helpline and Review Established In Response To Thousands of Allegations

The government has confirmed that a helpline, which will be run by the NSPCC, and a review of safeguarding policies, which will be conducted by Ofsted, have both been established in response to allegations of sexual abuse received from thousands of students.   Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said “Sexual abuse in any form is abhorrent…

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Laura’s Mental Health Journey – Mental Health Awareness Month

For the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month, Laura Staggs of our Marketing team opens up about her own struggles with mental health.   This whole account is written entirely in Laura’s own words.   “I have spent over ½ of my life suffering from mental illness. “I want to say it started in…

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Nerve Injury As A Result Of Dental Negligence

What is a nerve injury?   Nerves are sensitive. It doesn’t take a lot of force to damage them. A nerve injury is an injury to the nervous tissue which usually occurs due to dental negligence. During dental negligence the two nerves that are most typically disturbed are: Inferior nerve injury – The inferior alveolar…

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Root Canal Treatment – Getting to the Root of the Problem

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure recommended for bacterial infection that has progressed on to rot the teeth. Read article for more information:

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