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Dementia Awareness

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As highlighted once again by a high-profile case in the news – Dementia can strike anyone, and for many families it’s often not until advanced symptoms start revealing themselves. Too many people brush it off as old age – which can be the blame in some cases – often delaying identification of the condition even longer.

If you have elderly relatives (or even ones who aren’t so elderly,) sometimes you’ll notice things that only close family and friends would pick up on the behaviour of a loved one. Likewise, you may have a loved one who is concerned about you, or maybe you yourself have picked up that something isn’t quite right.

Symptoms of Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Society states that symptoms involve thinking or memory processes, where sufferers could experience problems with the following:

  • Day-to-day memory

Difficulty recalling recent events, like visitors calling or what you ate for breakfast this morning or dinner last night.

  • Concentration, planning or organisation

Difficulty with decision making, problem solving or carrying out a sequence of tasks (like cooking a meal).

  • Language

Having trouble keeping up with a conversation or choosing the correct words to describe something or form a sentence.

  • Visuospatial skills

Such as issues judging distances on stairs or seeing objects in three dimensions.

  • Orientation

Losing track of the what day or date it is, or forgetting where you are.

  • Mood changes

Such as frustration, irritability, apathy, anxiety or uncharacteristically sad.

  • Visual hallucinations

Seeing things which aren’t actually there.

  • Delusions

Having a strong belief in things that simply aren’t true.

If you are concerned that yourself or a loved one may be suffering from symptoms of dementia, a visit to the doctor is strongly advised. You or they don’t have to go alone, and doing so could bring peace of mind that sensible action has been taken.

Finally – as daunting a prospect it may seem, having a Will is essential in ensuring our loved ones are protected and provided for whatever may happen in the future. In many cases – especially those involving Dementia – a will can be contested by family after death.

*Oakwood Solicitors is taking part in Dementia Action Week this month (21-27 May), holding a raffle and attending community events at Wetherby Methodist Hall on Wednesday 23 May and Wetherby Town Hall on Thursday 24 May.

What to do next

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