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Growing Delays in the NHS

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When you think of the NHS, you cannot help but think of the delays it includes. Time and time again the NHS is targeted by complaints regarding this yet no initiative seems to have successful resolved the problem. Unfortunately, it seems the delays are only going to become ever more common.

The BBC’s most recent research into this has found:

  • ‘In A&E patients are now twice as likely to wait more than four hours than they were four years ago – 11% compared to 5%
  • The proportion of people waiting over 62 days for cancer treatment has risen by a third in the past four years. Nearly one in five patients now wait longer
  • The chances of delays before you have a planned operation or treatment, such as a hip replacement, has increased by nearly three-quarters in four years. Currently 12% of patients wait longer than they should’

Therefore, it seems more likely for there to be rain in a drought than for you to be seen on time in the NHS.

These alarming statistics inevitably will have an impact on the health of many individuals who are already unwell. Professor Madhusudan, a cancer doctor, admitted ‘We sometimes feel we can’t give the best care. We are working the hardest we can, but we are only human.’ But what if working your hardest, is simply not good enough?

Everyone at some point in their life will to turn to the NHS, whether this is for simply a blood test or more serious, a lifesaving operation. An individual should be able to go to the NHS and feel like they are in safe hands and not faced with the problem of delays at every stage of their treatment. What may seem like an innocent check-up could be something extremely more serious and a delay in prognosis could be detrimental. At Oakwood Solicitors, we acknowledge the good work of the NHS and appreciate the strain the service is under but the NHS is expected to consistently deliver a certain standard of care and to not do so could be negligent.  This is not acceptable as lives could be at risk. We are here to help in these unfortunate instances.

If you, or a loved one, have been let down by the medical profession and suffered an injury as a result, please do not hesitate to contact Oakwood Solicitors for some free, confidential advice to see if you can make a claim for Medical Negligence.

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