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Unnecessary NHS delays

8:51, 24/5/2023

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Every year, close to 700,000 people are harmed in safety incidents in the NHS. APIL’s latest analysis shows that only a tiny percentage of these individuals go on to claim compensation.


Some of these people who are subject to such safety incidents will desperately need support to rebuild their life, and compensation can be key to preventing a ‘spiral of decline’.

Serious patient safety incidents are on the rise, with those resulting in severe harm or death up 25% on pre-pandemic levels according to NHS England’s latest data. In 2021 to 2022 there was an astonishing 35 of these incidents daily, an increase of more than 2500 incidents compared 2019 to 2020.

Also in the 2021-2022 period, 689,745 patient safety incidents occurred, resulting in some degree of harm to the patients. NHS resolution data shows that only a tiny percentage of 2% will go on to bring a claim against the NHS. APIL reports can be found here.


Unnecessary NHS delays


The current delays

Patients who have been subject to safety incidents will desperately require compensation in order to rebuild their life. So why aren’t they?

Of the 2% of people who do bring a claim against the NHS the process has been ever increasingly drawn out. According to data provided to APIL those who are waiting to receive compensation are waiting for a record amount of time to do so.

A 43% increase has occurred over the past decade for the length of time it takes NHSR to settle clinical negligence claims, therefore a typical clinical negligence claim takes 2 years, a 7-month increase compared to a decade ago. This is despite the NHSR’s efforts to resolve case more quickly through greater collaboration has yet to yield any fruit.


Of the 2% of people who do bring a claim, many more who have not will have needed compensation to support and help them rebuild their lives and prevent any further decline of health or the situation they have found themselves in.

Our clients are often affected both mentally and physically as a result of negligent treatment received under the NHS and these findings highlight the unnecessary delays the NHS is having resolving these matters is unjustified in prolonging the Claimants pain and grief.


Why choose Oakwood Solicitors?

At Oakwood Solicitors, our dedicated and specialist team of lawyers will not be deterred by these delays in the NHS. We fight hard for our clients and will continue to fight and progress our cases as quickly and smoothly as possible through the legal process, ensuring our clients are supported throughout the whole process and kept up to date in any events which occur through the process.

Allowing for a smooth running and stress-free process for our clients, to get them the compensation they need and require to help rebuild the damage done.


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