20% of NHS Staff Suffering From Bullying at Work

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Almost 43% of NHS staff in the North East have witnessed bullying in the last 6 months and 20% have reported being bullied according to a British Medical Journal survey.

The Negatives Acts questionnaire was answered by 7 trusts across the North East of England and out of the 2950 people interviewed 43 of them were interviewed over the phone.
The survey looked into bullying at work and found that male staff and staff with disabilities reported higher levels of bullying than others. Bully was found not to racially motivated. Bullying at work and witnessing of the bullying was affiliated with lower levels of job satisfaction and psychological health those who were affected by high levels had intentions to leave work.
The most common source of bullying was from managers. The reasons that bullying at work went unreported or that employees were reluctant to report it and thought it would make no difference no one wanted to be viewed as a trouble-maker. If the bully was a member of staff they were worried how their bullying case would be dealt with and what bullying policies would be put in place to stop the issue.
Data that was obtained from the survey showed that workload pressures and the organisation culture were factors that added to bullying at work.
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