No compensation for British Volkswagen car owners over emissions scandal

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VW have announced that it is planning to refuse to pay British drivers compensation over emissions rigging scandal BUT is due to compensate US drivers.

Consumer groups in the UK have criticised a decision by Volkswagen to not compensate the British owners of cars involved in the emissions rigging scandal.

In an amazing admission, the German car-maker has already confirmed that there will be compensation payments offered to drivers in the USA worth $500 (£330) with an additional $500 in credit vouchers; however they have confirmed that these payments will not be offered to customers in Europe.

UK consumer group Which? condemned the decision by Volkswagen and they called on the Government to take steps to force VW to treat British consumers in the same way as those in the US.

Which? Executive Director, Richard Lloyds, said: “It is outrageous that Volkswagen is ruling out compensation for European customers even before the results of the official investigation.

British consumers deserve better so we urge Volkswagen to reconsider and if they won’t, then the UK Government should urgently look at avenues for redress.”

These concerns are echoed by Richard Coulthard, Director at Oakwood Solicitors who said that he was ‘stunned’ by this response from Volkswagen, “Volkswagen have been involved in one of the biggest corporate ‘scams’ ever, and the fact that they are simply going to ignore European drivers and owners is completely unacceptable, the lack of any financial compensation would be highly concerning.”

Whilst we know that VW have offered at least $1000 to US drivers, they along with their legal teams have yet to agree the proposal.

Monique Goyens, the Director General of the BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) commented on the news “European car drivers are no second-class consumers. It would be unacceptable that financial compensation would only be offered to US customers.

Damages, whether they concern the impact on the value of the cars, the cars’ performance, increased fuel consumption or any aspect due to Volkswagen’s misleading practices need to be compensated.”

Even the chairman of the UK’s Transport Select Committee, Louise Ellman MP waded in saying that VW would be wrong to think it can get away without paying compensation to European drivers.

Oakwood Solicitors will take further legal action and pursue VW for fair compensation if they continue to refuse to pay what owners deserve; we have filed compensation claims for thousands of drivers, and we will not cease our action until they get the justice and compensation that they deserve.


There is more information over on our Volkswagen Compensation page.

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