If you have been involved in a no fault car accident there may still be a chance that Oakwood Solicitors can make a personal injury claim on your behalf.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Mrs S was injured in a car accident and the accident was caused by the reckless and careless actions of a third party driver. Mrs S was in her car when the defendant reversed into her vehicle. You may think that at low speeds like this it would be hard for an injury to be sustained. This is not the case. The head is a heavy part of the body and in normal circumstances the neck muscles hold the head in place adequately. In an impact even a low impact the head can be thrown forwards so suddenly that the muscles and soft tissues in the neck are pulled beyond what they are capable of. Because of the weight of the head the neck muscles and soft tissues cannot act in time to keep the head in place and prevent the ?whiplash? action taking place.

Here at Oakwood Solicitors we understand that every injury no matter how severe it is is an ordeal for the sufferer and we are here to support anyone no matter what level of injury they have sustained if they want to rightfully claim the compensation they deserve. We were successfully able to settle Mr S’s compensation claim and award her with the compensation she was entitled to.

Following a no fault car accident you should seek legal advice if you have sustained an injury because you may be surprised to find that the other party was at fault for the accident.

A rear end accident could happen to anyone it doesn?t matter how experienced you are or how careful a driver you think you are. A rear end collision will occur because of the action or inaction of the driver of car behind you. There is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid being the victim of a rear end collision but there is something you can do to help being the cause of one:

? Stay a safe and acceptable distance from the car in front whilst travelling at a speed that is appropriate for the road you are travelling on.

? Increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front if weather conditions change and it starts to rain snow or become icy. You will need ten times the usual distance to stop if the roads become slippy with ice.

For advice following a no fault car accident call Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180

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