If you are suffering from noise induced hearing loss (deafness) because of the noise levels you have been exposed to from work you could be eligible to make a no win no fee personal injury claim for the injury to your hearing with the help of Oakwood Solicitors.

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We are so confident in our skills at settling any genuine and eligible claim for industrial deafness compensation that our services are provided on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee means that you can make an industry related loss of hearing claim for the compensation you are legally entitled to without risking being out of pocket of having to pay our legal fees out of your compensation award. We promise that you will be able to keep 100% of the compensation you are entitled to.

!00% of the £4230.80 that Mr F was awarded was awarded in hearing loss compensation was his to keep. Oakwood Solicitors sought their fees from the side responsible for Mr F’s mild hearing difficulties. Thanks to your experts Mr F received compensation and justice for the excessive noise levels at work he had been subjected to.

You could have developed noise induced hearing loss (deafness) from work if your employer has failed in their duty to protect all employees from harm.

There is always the risk of exposure to excessive noise levels in every place of employment even in offices. Employers have a legal obligation to carry out a risk assessment in order to ensure that all noise hazards are eliminated or employees are provided protection. Noise is an extreme hazard as it can destroy an employee’s ears for life. If your employer has not taken responsibility for ensuring that your hearing is protected adequately then you are legally entitled to pursue a compensation claim. In order to be eligible to make a claim you must start your case within the appropriate time constraints.

We understand that there is little that can be done about the noise that is emitted from certain types of equipment in the workplace. Many of the machines and equipment that are responsible for generating so much noise in the workplace are vital every day machines that are needed to keep the world going. Even though some employers cannot change the noise levels that are emitted from these machines they can do something about the amount of noise that is absorbed by their employee’s ears. All employers have to provide their employees with an adequate level of protection from the excessive sounds in the workplace whether it is full ear defenders or disposable ear protection.

If you have suffered from noise induced hearing loss (deafness) from work and you are ready to start a claim you need to speak to a solicitor from the industrial illness and injury team as soon as possible. Initially you need an analysis of your case carrying out to find out if you are eligible to start a case we can do that quickly over the phone if you call Oakwood Solicitors today on: 0844 499 9302

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