Nurses Need to be More Aware of Sepsis

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Nurses Need to be More Aware of Sepsis

According to a recent report nurses need to have greater awareness of sepsis a life threatening condition which is responsible for the deaths of 37000 NHS patients each year.
The Nursing Times published this urgent warning ahead of an imminent report by the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsmen which is set to expose major failures in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from sepsis. The Nursing Times said it will tell the story of 10 patients who died because of preventable failures in their treatment.
Dame Julie Mellor the Ombudsmen wants to raise awareness of the signs of and how to recognise sepsis and will be calling for systematic care improvements across the NHS.
Dame Julie told the Nursing Times:"We know it is not easy to spot the early signs of sepsis but if we learn from these complaints and work to improve diagnosis and provide rapid treatment then lives can be saved."
The report is being released on Friday on the same day as World Sepsis Day.
Sepsis is the way that the body responds to an infection. Sepsis can lead to shock organ failure and death if it isn’t treated quick enough. Once a person has sepsis they need to be treated within six hours in order to increase survival chances by 20-30%.
If you or a family member has been injured as a result of medical negligence for example there was a negligent delay in diagnosing their sepsis then please call Oakwood Solicitors now on 0844 49993302 to speak to a member of our specialist medical negligence team.

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