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Oaths, Affirmations,

Statutory Declarations

and Document Certification

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Certifying your documents

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The experts in Oaths, Affirmations, Statutory Declarations and Document Certification

Can I get my document signed or witnessed by a solicitor?

You may be asked to have a document signed or witnessed by a solicitor. We are on hand to offer this service.

If you need a document to be certified, please ensure that you bring the original document with you and proof of identification.

Our costs for this service are fixed.

What prices are charged for each type of document?

Here is a breakdown of each type of document and the cost for witnessing/certification. Please note that such small transactions as these must be paid for in cash:

  • Oaths/Stat Declarations – £5.00 per document plus £2.00 per exhibit
  • Certification of a document – £5.00 per copy
  • Certifying a long/detailed document (for example, a Lasting Power of Attorney) – £10.00 per copy
What do I do now?

For any enquiries regarding oaths, affirmations, statutory declarations and document certification, contact us for a free initial consultation:



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