Following a pedestrian accident you should seek claims advice from the personal injury lawyers at Oakwood Solicitors about your eligibility to claim compensation.

 In Road Traffic Accident - Case Study

Every person is a pedestrian at some point in their day if they leave their house; even drivers are pedestrians any time they get out of their car and start walking to or from their destination. This is why it is vital that drivers take greater care in pedestrian populated areas and start thinking that the pedestrians they see could be them.

Pedestrians come in a massively diverse range from women children elderly and sight impaired to men runners disable and the mobility impaired. Even skateboarders and roller skaters are classed as pedestrians. Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable and should be able to walk down the road feeling safe and knowing that vehicle drivers are doing their upmost to bear in mind the safety of the people walking about.

In urban areas drivers should take particular care to watch out for pedestrian hazards; although adult pedestrians will do their best to avoid a collision with a car younger and disabled people may not have the ability to do so. A toddler can escape from its pushchair and dart into the road in matter of seconds if it so chooses without any though about the danger of the cars on the road; the damage that would be done to a toddler if hit by a car does not even bear thinking about but it does happen.

Car drivers particularly in urban areas or residential areas populated by families must be extra vigilant for hazards such as small children and should always obey the speed limit.

If you have been a pedestrian involved in a road traffic accident the injury claims lawyers at Oakwood may be able to make a claim for compensation your behalf.

As with all road traffic accident compensation claims you must be able to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault. If you are a pedestrian that was hit by a car because you took a risk then it is unlikely that you will be given a compensation award. If you are a pedestrian that has been injured in an RTA you should follow all the advice given to drivers after a crash. Yu need the names and contact details of the driver and any witnesses to the incident. Following the incident you should keep evidence of any expenses you incur as a direct result of your injuries.

Miss Q was given an award of £1238.00 in personal injury compensation after her involvement in an RTA.

To find out if you are entitled to start a claim for pedestrian accident compensation call the experts at Oakwood Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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