Oakwood Solicitors are specialists in Insurance Disputes and Insurance Litigation and manage claims from claims involving disputes over the amount payable under a policy through to complex insurance disputes where insurers are refusing indemnity. Call us now on 0113 200 9787 or email enquiries@oakwoodsolicitors.co.uk to make a claim. Our Civil Litigation Lawyers regularly act for individuals and businesses on a wide range of litigation and dispute resolution matters.


  • No Win, No Fee available
  • Dedicated and highly skilled legal team will deal with your insurance disputes
  • Experts at early resolution
  • Free initial advice from a qualified solicitor
  • High success rate for clients with insurance disputes
  • National coverage

Individuals and Businesses alike insure a range of risks through a range of insurers and intermediaries however it is important to remember that insurance companies are corporate entities and their ultimate goal is to maximise profits.

Consequently insurers will often use a range of tactics to avoid satisfying claims at all or to reduce the value of the claim. Insurers often rely on technicalities in insurance contracts and the arguments put forward by insurers to avoid claims can often appear convincing to non lawyers. It is important to remember that there are important legal principles and legislation in place to protect consumers, meaning that through law, insurance disputes, can be easily won.

Statistics in recent years have indicated that it is increasingly common since the recession for insurers to seek to avoid insurance policies and data released by the British Insurance Brokers Association have suggested that 90% of their members believed that Insurers have become much stricter about settling claims – leading to more disputes.

Our Insurance Litigation Team can assist in Insurance Disputes arising of any insurance contract including:

  • Household Insurance including claims for flood damage
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Life Insurance
  • Payment Protection Insurance
  • Business Insurance
civil litigation

Our Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyers can assist in negotiating settlement of all disputes and claims or litigating claims which insurers refuse to satisfy.

Using a Firm of Lawyers as an alternative to Loss Adjustors

Insurance companies will often instruct Loss Adjustors to assess loss and damage on behalf of the insurers. It is important to remember however that the Loss Adjustor is instructed and paid for by the insurer. Insurers will often have panel or preferred Loss Adjustors who, whilst technically impartial, often have overriding business interests with an insurer.

Therefore it is important in larger value insurance claims that you instruct a firm to represent your interests and process the dispute on your behalf. Traditionally a policyholder may elect to instruct their own Loss Adjustor however there can be advantages in instructing a firm of Solicitors from the outset as an alternative to a Loss Adjustor.

As lawyers we are trained at collating evidence for presentation to Courts and Tribunals. We can therefore prepare your case from the outset as if the matter will be presented to a court of Tribunal. We can also advise on the legal technicalities arising in the event that a dispute arises as to whether there has been a breach of the policy. As experts in ‘Bad Faith’ Insurance Claims (claims where insurers are refusing to pay anything towards to the Claim) we can obtain appropriate evidence from the outset in order to strengthen your position.

By instructing a Loss Adjustor, it may be the case that you still need to instruct a firm of Solicitors in order to litigate an action in future if settlement cannot be agreed and this can lead to duplicate work being undertaken by the Loss Adjustor and Solicitor.

We offer a range of fee arrangements including:

  • No Win No Fee Agreements
  • Fixed Fee Arrangements
  • Damages Based Agreements
  • Private retainers

So if you have an insurance dispute, we can discuss your funding options on a no obligation basis at the outset to find the fee arrangement most suitable for your particular position.

Insurance Disputes? Call us now on 0113 200 9787 or email enquiries@oakwoodsolicitors.co.uk to make a claim against an insurance company you are in dispute with. Alternatively click the ‘Make a Claim’ button adjacent.


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