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Physical Assault Claims

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A physical assault is the most common form of claim that is submitted against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA.) They can often involve unprovoked attacks, sometimes with the suspect using a weapon to inflict the injuries.

Some attacks can be premeditated and involve a calculated plot to inflict injury on their victim, and others may be isolated, unplanned situations that have escalated out of control. Whatever the circumstances, such physical assaults can result in long term, life changing injuries. These injuries may be both physical and psychological in nature.

Oakwood Solicitors are leading assault claim experts. We are able to offer expert advice on all potential claims you may have as a victim of a physical assault. We are happy to conduct an initial free assessment of your claim.

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Acid Attack

Acid attacks were practically unheard of prior to the horrific incident involving former model Katie Piper in 2008, where an ex-boyfriend and an accomplice threw acid in her face, resulting in extremely severe facial injuries and the loss of sight in one of her eyes. Acid attacks are considered to be one of the most…

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Arson Resulting in Injury

Arson which results in injuries being sustained can be considered one of the most heinous of crimes there is. The suspect will have set out specifically to cause the most severe of attacks there could possibly be, with the intention of inflicting what could be in many cases fatal injuries. Survivors of such arson attacks…

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Deliberate Poisoning Claims

Deliberate poisoning is generally a targeted attack on someone, with the suspect attempting to inflict serious, life-threatening injuries on their victims. Often, injuries sustained as a result of poisoning can be very complicated and can result in respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal or neurological effects. In the most severe of cases, toxic injuries can result in death.…

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Gun Crime

Offences involving guns seem to be part and parcel of today’s society, with very little if any reduction in the number of gun crimes reported despite the best efforts of the police authorities around the UK. Gun crime is often associated with inner-city gangs, but incidents involving guns can happen anywhere, involving a number of…

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Intentional Animal Attacks

Intentional Animal Attacks are fairly rare, but can leave the victim with some horrific physical injuries. Often these attacks will involve dogs, but it is important to differentiate between those attacks that have been instigated deliberately by the owner of the animal, and those attacks that are caused directly by the animal itself. Often for…

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Knife Injuries

Despite a large number of recent campaigns to reduce the number of people either injured or killed in knife attacks, the number of attacks being reported to the police continues to rise. Knife attacks are often seen as a gang related crime but can also be associated with a number of different physical attacks scenarios.…

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One-off Incidents

Physical assaults and one-off incidents can take place anywhere and at any time. There may be no warning of the impending danger, or it can be the culmination of a long period of threatening and intimidating behaviour. They can often be fueled by alcohol or alternative illegal substances. In some circumstances, injuries may be sustained…

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Terrorist Attack Claims

Up until recently, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) did not compensate victims of terrorism. With a recent spate of terrorist attacks starting in 2005 following the London bombings, the CICA made an amendment to the scheme allowing victims of terrorism to make a claim against them. Victims may sustain a huge variety of injuries…

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