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Financial Litigation

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Financial Litigation covers any dispute between a consumer and a provider of financial services, such as banks, lenders, and Independent Financial Advisers (IFA).

Typical claims will include:

Oakwood Solicitors are specialists in resolving financial disputes, and have successfully recovered compensation for clients who have suffered a loss as a consequence of the conduct of banks, lenders or IFAs.

Our personal services

Secured Loan Claims

When you take out a loan using a Broker or an Independent Financial Adviser, you put your trust and confidence in that person and expect that the advice that they give will be in your best interests a…

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Mortgage Claims

With complicated interest rate calculations, we put a lot of trust in our banks and mortgage lenders to charge us the fair and agreed amount for the mortgage that we have. However, in recent years it …

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Financial Litigation and Mis-selling

When we take out a financial product that carries great cost or risk, we should be able to trust those who advise us. However, thousands of people are mis-sold financial products by rogue advisers and companies because of their own personal goals or targets, leaving you with completely the wrong pension, mortgage or investment for…

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Pay Day Loan Claims

Payment Protection Insurance Claims

Pension Claims

Your pension could be your sole or main source of income in later life and it is imperative that any advice relating to pensions is clear and with your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a prevalence of poor advice for both regulated and unregulated sources where individuals may have…

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Personal Contract Plan (PCP) Claims

Personal Contract Plans

Timeshare Misselling Claims

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