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Birth Injury Claims

Birth injury claims can arise if you or your baby is injured during childbirth or because of negligent treatment immediately after the birth.

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What are birth Injuries?

Injuries to babies include cerebral palsy, shoulder dystocia and brain injuries, where there is a failure to monitor the oxygen level. We have also handled cases where there has been negligent interpretation of CTG traces, problems using forceps or vacuum delivery as well as errors in managing cesarean sections.

Injuries to mothers can include issues with retained swabs, mistakes when suturing tears, extensive perineal tears and injuries to organs from caesarean sections. We have also unfortunately regularly represented clients whose doctors and nurses failed to recognise damage at the time of birth as well as serious anaesthetic mistakes.

Whilst each case is different and based on their individual facts, the compensation is calculated using the Judicial College Guidelines. The award would be split into two parts:

  • General Damages: this element is intended to compensate for your injury, pain and suffering
  • Special Damages: this part includes expenses and other losses such as loss of earnings, travel costs, care costs. It can also include future losses to ensure you are not out of pocket due to the negligence

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