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When you visit a medical professional, you expect to receive adequate treatment or advice. This is especially the case when you are dealing with worrying or disabling symptoms. You may even have prepared a checklist of questions to ask at your appointment, just to make sure you’ve covered everything.

But unfortunately, medical treatment and advice isn’t always correct, and patients leave appointments with a medical misdiagnosis.

If you’ve been given the wrong medical advice or course of treatment which has left you in a debilitating condition, you may be eligible to make a medical misdiagnosis claim.

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Delay in Diagnosis

A late diagnosis takes place when a medical professional manages to identify your condition, but does so following an unnecessary delay. A late diagnosis takes place when a medical professional manages to identify your condition, injury or illness but does so following an unnecessary delay. What qualifies as ‘Late Diagnosis’? This can encompass delays in…

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Incorrect Diagnosis

An incorrect diagnosis occurs when your GP (or other medical professional) misinterprets your symptoms, and diagnoses you with a condition that you don’t have. If you’ve received an incorrect diagnosis, you may have undergone unnecessary treatments or procedures. This could cause you unnecessary pain, suffering or loss. Further, your ‘true’ condition may go untreated, or…

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Medical Misdiagnosis – Failure to Diagnose

A lack of diagnosis happens when a medical professional fails to identify that you are suffering from the symptoms of an underlying health condition. If a diagnosis is not made quickly, your condition might develop into a more advanced stage. This may impact negatively on your treatment options and prognosis.

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