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Psychiatric Injury

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We strongly believe that nationally there is insufficient support or understanding for individuals suffering with psychiatric injury, and we are therefore at the forefront of encouraging a change in perception towards mental ill health.

We can even put you in touch with counsellors that are specifically trained to provide you with the very best support. Just let us know if you would like to obtain some contacts from us.

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Assault at Work

What is an Assault? An assault is defined as ‘An intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.’ An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm, coupled with an apparent and present ability to cause that harm. No actual contact needs to…

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Civil Discrimination

Educational Negligence

Psychiatric Injury – Stress at Work

Stress at work can be caused by many different issues and no individual cause of stress or reaction to it is ever the same. Suffering from stress in the workplace is generally understood to be ‘a reaction to an overload of pressure or demand in the workplace.’ However, this pressure is not always simply overwork,…

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School Bullying

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take numerous forms affecting both male and female staff. Incidents range from things like inappropriate touching, assault or comments, to displaying inappropriate images in the workplace. Sexual harassment claims are actionable in both the Employment Tribunal and either the County or High Court. The law relating to each jurisdiction differs with different…

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