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Everyone looks forward to a holiday abroad and relaxing after a stressful year. Unfortunately, holidays can go wrong and accidents can happen, which can turn the holiday of a lifetime into a holiday nightmare.

Making a claim for an accident abroad can be quite different for making a claim if the accident happened in England and Wales. There are different time limits to bring the claim, and careful consideration is required if you have booked a package holiday as to whether a tour operator can be held responsible.

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Boat Claims

Cruising is known to be a relaxing way to spend a holiday and see the world. Unfortunately, accidents can happen aboard ship and serious injuries can result. The law which governs accidents on boats is the Athens Convention which establishes a regime of liability for injuries suffered whilst at sea. This can differ from the…

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Burns and Lacerations Abroad

Sometimes cuts and grazes can be minor, but sometimes lacerations can lead to permanent scarring, which can be embarrassing if the scarring is visible. A single noticeable scar with some minor cosmetic defect can justify awards between £2,080.00 and £6,870.00, however more serious scarring could justify an award up to £19,930.00. Burns cause a greater…

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Crushing Injuries Abroad

As solicitors a common type of injury we see on a day to day basis is what we call a crushing injury, which involves a part of the body being crushed, usually fingers or toes. This could be due to items being dropped or being trapped in doors or work equipment. These types of injuries…

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Flight Claims

Flying is a common way of getting around, whether it be for business or pleasure. As with any mode of transport, accidents can happen and it is important if an injury is suffered you get the right advice. The law which governs accidents on flights is the Montreal Convention which establishes a regime of liability…

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Foot and Ankle Injuries Abroad

Injuries to the foot and ankle are common where people have tripped on uneven surfaces and rolled over on the ankle. This can make walking and other tasks very difficult, causing inconvenience. The guidelines state that modest ankle injuries warrant an award up to £12,050.00. However, where recovery is complete within any ongoing symptoms, the…

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Hand and Finger Injuries Abroad

Injuries to the hands and fingers are very common injuries that can have a very detrimental effect on daily living. There is a whole range of guidance as to how much these cases are worth, with total loss of an index figure warranting an award of £16,420.00 and amputation of a little finger being £7,580.00…

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Head and Facial Injuries Abroad

Head injuries can be serious and can cause severe pain and discomfort, with accompanying headaches. A minor brain or head injury can attract an award of between £1,940.00 and £11,200.00 depending in the presence of headaches, extent of continuing symptoms, severity of the initial injury and the time taken to recover. If facial injuries are…

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Hotel Claims

Holidays are designed to be relaxing and an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family. Sometimes hotels abroad are not up to standard and can be dangerous places which could result in a personal injury. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured at a hotel whilst on a package holiday, you could…

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Knee and Leg Injuries Abroad

Trip, slips and accidents at work can often result in injuries to the knee and leg, making it difficult to walk or carry out everyday tasks. Taking into account this inconvenience, moderate knee injuries where a recovery has been complete will attract an award of £5,250.00 however where there is continuous aching or discomfort this…

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Neck and Back Injuries Abroad

Not only can accidents cause injuries to the spine, they can also make existing injuries or general wear and tear a lot worse. In personal injury claims you may often hear reference to an accident causing an exacerbation (making worse) or an acceleration (bringing forward) of symptoms. These types of injuries can still be worth…

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Shoulder, Elbow and Arm Injuries Abroad

Injuries to the upper limb can cause severe discomfort and have a detrimental effect on day to day life. Early physiotherapy is essential to ensure a person gets back to their pre-accident state as quickly as possible, however for some a full recovery is not always possible. Minor shoulder injuries in where the symptoms have…

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