After Mr R sustained a personal injury during a road traffic collision which was caused by the fault of a third party Oakwood Solicitors helped himclaim over £1700.00 in road accidents compensation.

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More often than not the type of injury that is sustained in a car accident is called the whiplash injury. This type of injury can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a number of years and every persona is affected differently by the injury.

Commonly whiplash causes:

? Aching and pain in the neck.

? Difficulty in turning the head or twisting the neck.

? Sometimes a headache accompanies a whiplash injury.

? Aching and pains are sometimes felt in the shoulders and uppers arms by victims who have sustained a severe form of whiplash.

? Depending on the type of accident you were involved in you may suffer pains in the upper o lower part of your back.

? Some whiplash sufferers can become irritable after the accident and may also struggle to sleep.

You can sustain a personal injury even in the mildest of car accidents. Following any sort of collision on the road you should seek medical advice immediately.

A whiplash injury can occur even after a low impact collision. Although high impact collisions are associated with worse case whiplash injuries it does not mean to say that a low speed impact cannot cause an injury that is just as debilitating to its sufferer. The severity of the injury that you sustain in a car accident is dependent on a number of influences. The main factor that affects the injuries you sustain is the speed that both cars were travelling when they collided and the positioning of the vehicles at the point of impact.

Another important factor in the level of injury sustained is the body itself. Women are more likely to sustain a severe whiplash injury than men as the muscles in their neck are weaker than men’s. Children also are more likely to suffer whiplash but they are safer in the back of the car so their injury is proportional to the impact they receive from where they are sitting in the vehicle.

Your age at the time of the incident will play a part in the type of injury you sustain; elderly people suffer more with pre-existing conditions in their bones and soft tissues so these could be exacerbated just by a low impact collision.

To speak to the personal injury solicitors on the road traffic accidents team at Oakwood Solicitors about your case call: 0844 844 8180.

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