Thanks to the personal injury claims experts at Oakwood Solicitors Mr F was awarded over £2000.00 in compensation for the injuries he sustained in a non-fault road collision.

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By non-fault we mean that if you have been involved in a road traffic collision you must not have contributed towards the incident taking place in any way. Only innocent victims of road traffic accidents are able to pursue and secure personal injury compensation. In order to qualify for a personal injury award your injuries must be genuine and certified by a medical health professional.

If it is found that you did contribute toward the accident in any way your award will be refused. If for example you were hit by a third party driver who pulled out of a GIVE WAY junction onto the main road and into your car and you did everything you could to safely avoid the collision you would be entitled to claim a personal injury award as the fault would lie entirely with the third party driver; if you are on the main road you have right of way.

If on the other hand you sped up when you saw the car pulling out and you did not try and avoid the collision you would be just as responsible for the accident occurring and you would not be given an award; a witness statement from someone saying that you did do this could put your award in jeopardy.

Following an RTA you should seek personal injury claims advice immediately as you only have a short window of opportunity to start a compensation claim.

Mr F from Rotherham was seriously injured in a road traffic accident due to the recklessness or neglect of a third party driver. It is unclear what the reason for the third party driver crashing into the back or Mr F’s car is but that doesn?t make a difference to where the fault lies; the third party driver was responsible for watching the traffic ahead and keeping a safe distance away from it in order to avoid an accident. The third party driver that collided with Mr F was automatically responsible for the accident as Mr F was not expecting the impact and was given no chance to avoid the incident.

Had the third party driver been tailgating Mr F and Mr F braked sharply and suddenly for no reason in a deliberate attempt to make the tailgater crash into the rear of his car the outcome of his case would have been much different. Thankfully as an innocent victim Mr F was awarded a total of £2235.00 in compensation.

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