Newport Couple Plead Guilty to Having Dangerous Dogs

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Newport Couple Plead Guilty to Having Dangerous Dogs

Steven and Tracey Tewkesbury from Newport have pleaded guilty to possessing and offering to supply dangerous pit bull type dogs from their home.
The couple’s house was raided after the police found out that they had been the pit bulls were being advertised and sold as Irish Staffords online.
The officers took four dogs from the property on March 28th three of which were later identified as various types of pit bull and are restricted under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.
Police were satisfied that the dogs were well looked after and were good natured.
The team have launched an investigation called ‘Operation Doorstop Two’ to try and more of the dogs that have already been sold to other people.
The investigation came about after a tip off and so far the officers have recovered over 35 dogs from the area sold by the couple. Officers believe there are 100s all over the country.
The couple will appear before the court on 21st May for their sentencing.
Under the current Dangerous Dog Act if a dog is returned to it’s owner because the court is satisfied that it isn’t a danger to society it can be owned under strict rules. The dog has to be micro-chipped insured tattooed neutered muzzled in public and when out of the house it has to be held on a lead by someone who is over the age of 16.

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