Suncream Allergy to Piz Buin

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Suncream Allergy to Piz Buin

With the changeable weather in the UK many people seek sunnier climates for a little rest and recuperation. One of the must-have items included in holiday makers’ luggage is often the bottle of suncream. What is supposed to prevent pain and suffering from sunburn can sometimes have the opposite effect. The allergic reactions that some people have experienced from the suncream can potentially ruin what should be the trip of a lifetime.
The suncream that is currently attracting a lot of attention is Piz Buin the BBC television programme Watchdog obviously think so too as they will be featuring it on their show this week.
Some people who purchased the suncream have experienced one or more of the following symptoms:-
pimply rashes
a burning sensation to the areas of skin exposed to the lotion or spray
swollen and itchy skin
sleepless nights and anxiety.
These not only ruined their holiday but in some cases also affected their daily life for weeks afterwards. There may also be a financial impact as some GPs have recommended buying antihistamines or steroid creams to help alleviate the itching and burning sensations because of the suncream causing rashes. It may be a fairly minimal expense to buy these things but stop and consider for a moment – If this happened to you then why should you have to foot the bill for medications to help you recover from something that is not your fault? Why should you have to suffer the pain of an allergic reaction to such a common household item AND then have to pay for further products to help ease the discomfort?
Of course allergies resulting from skincare products are not restricted to the Piz Buin which is the one highlighted in the Watchdog show. However it does appear as if there are a number of dissatisfied customers out there who have been made miserable by this suncare product.
What a lot of people don’t realise is that if you purchase an item such as suncream you have rights under The Consumer Protection Act and The Sales of Goods Act and may be able to claim some compensation for your discomfort and ruined holiday.
If like the people who complained to Watchdog about the Piz Buin product you have suffered from an allergic reaction to a suncare product or even another cosmetic ointment or lotion it is important that you do the following three things:-
1) Visit your GP for medical advice. He may be able to recommend treatment to lessen your discomfort. The medical records can also be used as evidence to support your claim.
2) Take photographs of the rash as evidence of the allergic reaction.
3) Call our team as soon as possible to discuss claiming compensation for your pain and suffering.
The suncream hasn’t been recalled but if you are concerned about or have experienced a reaction from this or any other product please call us on 0113 200 9720
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