Police are Overworked and Stressed According to Police Chairman

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Police are Overworked and Stressed According to Police Chairman

Police officers are overworked and having to take time off for stress at work because of the cuts to frontline personnel the chairman of the Essex Police Federation said.
Mark Smith who has 23 years police constable experience spoke out after Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh insinuated that too many Essex police officers were taking days off because of hangovers.
He made this claim after 100 days in the job following his move from the Met Police in London Mark Smith has counteracted this by saying that the rise in sickness which is 12.7 days per officer a year is because of stress.
In his position as chairman of the Police Federation in Essex Mr Smith speaks on behalf of the rank-and-file officers and discusses these concerns with the chief constable and helps with the day-to-day queries of the officers.
Mr Smith believes that there is a bigger problem surrounding the high levels of sickness taken by officers in the country which is due to stress at work and depression rather than officers simple “swinging the lead”.
Mr Smith said.
“What Mr Kavanagh said was taken out of context. He was giving hypothetical examples and not saying this is a real problem.
“I can’t say that it doesn’t happen in the police – I’m sure it does – it happens at every work place up and down the country but I don’t think it’s as widespread as it was mad out.”
He has said that he has seen an increase in officers taking long-term sick leave and he says the government is to blame.
It is estimated that police forces all over the country are expected to lose up to 14 per cent of frontline personnel by 2015.
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