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Professional Service

Do you have a dispute with a
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  • No-Win, No-Fee.
  • Leading experts in Litigation and Dispute Resolution claims.
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    A great service. I would strongly recommend Oakwood Solicitors.

    Informed me of my rights she was fantastic. Very reliable, a good listener, knowledgeable, and very understanding.

    - Wendy Callaghan

    Efficient from start to finish.

    The team at Oakwood were professional, pragmatic and efficient throughout the process. I was kept informed of progress, next steps, and achieved the outcome that I wanted.

    - Chris Needham

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    No-Win, No-Fee

    legal service and a free initial consultation.

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    Fighting for compensation

    that you are rightly entitled to receive.

    Client Care

    Taking care of your matter

    from enquiry through to completion.

    The experts in Litigation and Dispute Resolution claims

    Oakwood Solicitors Ltd is able to assist in resolving a wide variety of Litigation and Dispute Resolution matters requiring legal assistance.

    Whether it be simply pointing you in the right direction, or assisting you from start to finish – we are on hand to help.

    What standard should I expect of a professional service?

    From accountants to solicitors, insurance brokers, architects, or surveyors; you trust that when you rely on an expert, that they are providing you with a competent service.

    Everyone needs to use the services of a professional advisor at some stage, be it to draft a Will, to look for an alternative insurance provider, or to draft plans for a house extension.

    When you instruct a professional, you trust that the work they perform is of a high standard and that the advice they give to you is competent. You expect to be able to rely on the advice of the professional you have instructed, and make important decisions based upon this advice.

    Accordingly, the impact of receiving negligent advice from a professional advisor can be devastating and sometimes significantly costly.

    Professional duty of care

    Professional advisers owe a duty of care to their clients to carry out their work with reasonable care and skill. A professional adviser is not expected to be perfect but is expected to act reasonably and in-keeping with that of other members of their profession.

    Where a professional has made an error or acted in a way that another reasonable person of that profession would not have, they will likely have acted negligently. This can include advice provided by professionals, in actions they carry out on behalf of a client or in work that they prepare.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What sort of issues can we assist with?

    Our litigation team are experienced in bringing claims in professional negligence, and are able to assist in bringing claims against the following professionals (amongst others):

    • Solicitors
    • Accountants
    • Surveyors
    • Architects
    • Engineers

    Why should I choose Oakwood Solicitors Ltd?

    At Oakwood Solicitors Ltd, we work with our clients to ensure we fully understand their objectives, as well as the resources and time they are prepared to spend on resolving a dispute. This way we ensure that we are able to provide comprehensive advice to our clients about the most practical way to achieve their aims.

    We have a dedicated team of solicitors and paralegals who have many years’ experience between them in running cases of this nature.

    We want to ensure that clients are not overwhelmed by legal jargon, medical terms that they don’t understand and aim to allow the claims procedure to be as transparent as possible.

    What do I do now?

    If you believe or feel you have a claim, contact us for a free initial consultation regarding your options:

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    Danielle Lightfoot — Solicitor and Head of Department

    Danielle Lightfoot is a Director and our Head of the Financial Litigation Department. Danielle joined the firm as a Paralegal in 2011 and qualified as a solicitor in October 2014. She has acquired extensive experience in high value, complex litigation traversing numerous practice areas. Danielle is a specialist in financial miss-selling matters, with a particular interest in Pensions and Investments.

    Danielle assisted in setting up the Finance Litigation Department. She took over as Head of the Department in 2017 and since then the firm has established a reputation as one of the leading law firms specialising in financial mis-selling claims.

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