Mercedes-Benz uses QR Codes to Save Car Accident Victims

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Mercedes-Benz uses QR Codes to Save Car Accident Victims

Motor company Daimler are going to stick QR (Quick Response) code stickers on their Mercedes-Benz cars.
The monochrome square barcodes have been created for emergency services to scan to obtain information about how to cut into the vehicle in order to free people from vehicles in accidents.
“Mercedes-Benz wants to make the rescue of accident victims safer and swifter.” A Daimler press release said.
The codes once scanned will take someone straight to a webpage which will instruct how to cut into the vehicle.
The firm haven’t patented the idea so that other companies could use it for free.
Daimler have said that before now emergency services may have had to work via the registration plates to get the critical details if the vehicle has been very badly damaged.
“This information can save lives because in an emergency every action counts and every second is precious.” Daimnler press release
The plan to ensure that paramedics and fire fighters have the correct vehicle details is based around an existing innovative move by the German automobile club – ADAC. They urge their drivers to make sure that a sheet of A4 paper with a “rescue map” is kept in their sun visor.
Mercedes have said that they are planning to stick a QR code inside the vehicle’s petrol tank flap and another position between to the two doors on the opposite side of the vehicle called the B-Pillar because it is rare that both these areas are damaged in an accident.
This isn’t the first digital initiative companies including Moditech Field Applications and Extraction Zones already have apps which show the electronics of the vehicle.
The QR codes differ from this because it means that the emergency service worker wouldn’t have to compare models of the vehicle and the information would match the vehicle scanned.
The European Commission is also funding a development called eCall which calls for vehicles to call an emergency number if they are involved in a serious accident. It would then send the details of where the car is the model and design and other related information even in the driver was unconscious.
They want to start testing eCall in 2015.

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