Queen Honours Heroes Who Saved the Lives of Drivers Involved in a Road Traffic Accident Earlier this Year

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Queen Honours Heroes Who Saved the Lives of Drivers Involved in a Road Traffic Accident Earlier this Year

Three people from Dorchester who managed to rescue two drivers who had been involved in a road traffic accident have been given bravery awards from the Queen.
Husband and wife Brian and Joanne Keane and Andrew Bilton have been given Queen’s Commendations for Bravery a civilian gallantry award which is given for acts of bravery entailing risk to life and meriting national recognition.
The Queen gave her approval for the awards when they rescued two drivers from their vehicle which had caught fire after a road traffic incident on the Stafford Bypass in Dorset on 23 June this year.
Joanne and Brian Keane told the Dorset Echo it was a ‘great honour’ to receive an award for what they did on that ‘unforgettable day.’
They were driving on the West Stafford bypass in Dorset when they saw the two vehicles which had been involved in the collision.
Brian Keane 47 ran to the other two cars to see how he could help and found that both drivers were badly injured.
Him and Joanne 42 got one of the drivers out of his vehicle and then Andrew Bilton arrived and tried to get the second driver out of the second car.
However the men were unable to as both front doors were jammed shut.
At this point the first car was now in flames but the two men attempted and tried to force the door open but were unable to.
The fire from the other car then spread to the car the men were trying to get the second driver out of.
Brian Keane got the back door open got inside the car and then forced the driver’s door open slightly.
He went outside and helped Andrew Bilton open the door from the outside and managed to get the drive out.
Joanne Keane gave the driver first aid to ensure that his airwaves stayed open.
Mr Keane told the Dorset Echo: “It is a great honour and we were over the moon when we received the letter.
“I remember the day like it was yesterday.
“We are just glad that both involved were okay.
“My wife and Andy were amazing we just had to stay calm. When flames started to spread through the car it was awful we just kept trying to get him to safety. It was a sleepless night worrying if he was going to be okay.
Matt Payne 24 of Dorchester said ‘Thank you’ and ‘they saved my life.’
He is still recovering from his injuries as he was left with a broken femur fractured ankle and patella a collapsed lung a head injury and lots of bruising.
He told the Echo: “I would personally like to say a big thank you to Andrew Bilton and Brian and Jo Keane.
“If it had not been for their quick response and the determination of all three I may not be here today. “Not only have Mr and Mrs Keane been around to see me since coming out of hospital but they have also been very supportive towards my family and myself because of this we have built a friendship that I will keep for a very long time.
“I would like to say a big thank you for their bravery and perseverance in what was a horrific crash and also to the emergency services and staff at Dorset County Hospital who helped that night and all the way through my ongoing recovery.”

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