Oakwood’s team of personal injury solicitors guarantee their clients a professional and friendly service; they understand the importance of compensation for any physical mental emotional and financial injury rehabilitation and long term impact and will support your claim using their specialist knowledge in the UK.

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There has been an increase in claims relating to slips trips and falls in the UK. Regardless of the increased awareness and knowledge of health and safety hazards negligence and lack of care and attention still cause many injuries to innocent victims every year. Fortunately a lot of accidents result in minor injuries including cuts bruises and abrasions. However there are still too many serious injuries such as sprains fractures breaks and lacerations caused by needless accidents.

Mrs R from London was injured when she fell down an open cellar door in a shop. There are still too many shops restaurants bars etc that have personnel access trap doors which when left open present a huge risk to both customers and staff. Claims for damages relating to falls into open cellar doors have incurred massive compensation settlements. One solution available is a safety grille door which is a hinged grill underneath the top door which automatically safeguards the opening.

Oakwood will assess every accident for evidence of negligence and advise their clients if they are entitled to make a compensation claim for their injuries including any financial impact rehabilitation and long term effects; they have an outstanding reputation for their personal injury claim expertise and are known as specialists in their field in the UK.

Injuries resulting from a fall from a height can be very serious. Slips trips and falls in the workplace alone have caused at least 40 fatal accidents in one year according to past figures. Most workplace deaths are caused by falls from height.

Many factors are considered when the amount of compensation is being decided. Absolutely everything that is related to the accident and injuries is taken into account. These include loss of earnings travelling expenses and medical costs not forgetting the impact on daily life. If your injuries are going to affect you long term or for the rest of your life this will have a significant impact on your award.

If you have been hurt in an accident at work or in a public place if you are suffering from physical and emotional injuries financial loss or require rehabilitation you can speak to a personal injury claim specialist at Oakwood Solicitors in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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