If you have been injured in an accident and need some advice regarding compensation especially if your injury requires a significant amount of time for rehabilitation it is important to consult a personal injury compensation claim specialist like Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds who are trained to ensure you get the financial recompense you deserve.

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Slips trips and falls can cause a multitude of injuries many serious depending on the circumstances of the fall. Torn knee ligaments can require a long period of rehabilitation including exercises to strengthen the legs and muscles around the injured knee. Many back injuries require lengthy period of physiotherapy and time off work to recover. Time off work just adds to the stress the victim is already feeling as it puts financial pressure on the whole family.

A pensioner from Gosport injured his knee hand and back when he fell in a supermarket. Mr B who was 68 years old at the time of the accident slipped on plastic strapping that had been left in the supermarket aisle.

Anyone who has suffered from an injury requiring rehabilitation and time off work is advised to talk to a solicitor who is a compensation claim specialist who understands complex personal injury law; Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds can offer all of this plus a friendly and sympathetic service.

Anyone who occupies land or buildings has a duty of care to the general public who visit them. The person responsible may not necessarily be the owner. In the case of Mr B the organisation who owns the supermarket would be liable for his injuries. In other situations for example if someone falls down an exposed drain on a pavement it could be the local authority that is responsible.

Personal injury claims which involve a public liability claim is when someone has been injured because a third party has neglected this duty. If the premises are found to be unsafe and a person has been injured they can claim against the third party. If there is evidence that the third party which is the person or organisation responsible for maintaining the property or outside space has been negligent you can make a public liability claim.

You may even be able to claim if you had an accident in a private home if the householder or landlord was responsible for your accident eg badly-lit steps or falling roof tile

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn?t your fault and are facing rehabilitation and time off work talk to a personal injury compensation claim specialist at Oakwood Solicitors offices in Leeds call them today on: 0844 499 9302.

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