Oakwood Solicitors have been instructed by Mrs P to deal with her claim for injuries she sustained during a fall in a supermarket; the personal injury team manage claims for physical mental emotional and financial injuries including any rehabilitation; they have an outstanding reputation for customer service and each client is guaranteed support from a compensation claim specialist in the UK.

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Mrs P from Warrington was 61 years old when she suffered a painful fall in a supermarket. The accident occurred during the winter months which are notorious for increasing the risk of slips and falls as the cold wet weather brings rain snow and ice into the equation. This is certainly a time of the year that employers and business owners should be more vigilant with health and safety risks on their premises. Supermarkets are a high risk for slips and falls as apart from rain and snow being brought in on customers? shoes there is the high risk of spillages and floors becoming contaminated.

Oakwood have successfully resolved many claims similar to Mrs P’s. Mrs T was awarded £1431.00 when she slipped on water on the floor of a cash and carry. Mrs S was awarded £2250.00 when she slipped on a wet supermarket floor. Unfortunately many people still forget to adhere to rigorous health and safety procedures regardless of the increased awareness of the risks involved.

Once Oakwood have determined third party liability they will accept cases on a no win no fee basis supporting claims for physical injuries emotional and financial impact rehabilitation and long term effects on daily life; each compensation claim specialist promises friendly efficient and sympathetic support to each client in the UK.

For anyone who does not fully understand what the no win no fee arrangement entails they will be delighted to know that it means that making a claim will not cost a penny. There is nothing to pay win or lose. The third party liable for an accident pays the legal fees if the claim is successful. If the claim is unsuccessful for any reason Oakwood will absorb the legal costs.

A client will always receive 100% of any compensation awarded. Compensation is awarded for anything related to the accident that affects the victim at the present time and in the future. If a victim is unlikely to recover from their injuries or the recovery is likely to take some time this will impact the amount of compensation.

If you are suffering from physical and emotional injuries financial loss or require rehabilitation if you are the victim of an accident that wasn?t your fault and want to pursue compensation for your ordeal you can talk to a personal injury claim specialist at Oakwood Solicitors in the UK today: 0844 499 9302.

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