If you looking to make a personal injury claim after an accident you may need to consider rehabilitation if your injuries require on-going treatment; if this is the case you need to ensure that you are instructing a solicitor who is trained to handle your case and build this into your compensation such as specialist personal injury solicitor at Oakwood in Leeds.

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There are many injuries which may require on-going treatment some over quite a lengthy period of time. This not only applies to life changing injuries such as spinal cord injuries but also breaks and fractures or lower back and whiplash injuries. If further treatment and therapy is required it is vital that this is built into your compensation so you can access the treatment when it is required to aid your recovery.

Slips trips and falls are one of the major causes of accidents and personal injury claims in the UK. The injury claims range from bruising and abrasions to broken bones to head injuries. Some very serious injuries have been caused by falls from height.

28 Year old Ms W from Bolton approached Oakwood Solicitors after she injured her hip knee and shoulder in an accident that wasn?t her fault. Her foot became caught in a bag handle which was sticking out into an aisle in a shop. The bag skidded underfoot causing her to fall. A public liability claim is when a person has been injured in a public place due to negligence on behalf of the third party.

Oakwood Solicitors will ensure that anyone who has suffered from an injury requiring rehabilitation gets full legal support and access to the treatment they need; to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries speak to the team of specialist personal injury solicitors in Leeds who are highly qualified professional and sympathetic to your needs.

Many injuries require on-going treatment such as torn knee ligaments or lower back injuries. This often leads to a significant amount of time off work for rest and recovery as well as for medical appointments. Time off work is an additional worry for the victim due to the financial impact. Anyone who occupies land or buildings has a duty of care to the general public who visit them. If a person is injured because a third party has neglected this duty they are entitled to claim compensation. This also applies to anyone who has had an accident in a private home. The home owner or landlord would be held responsible for any falls caused by badly lit steps for example.

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn?t your fault and are facing rehabilitation and time off work if you are considering claiming compensation and need legal advice and support you need to talk to a personal injury specialist at Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds who are caring friendly and highly qualified to handle your case call them today on: 0844 499 9302.

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