Mr Amara could not have thanked Oakwood Solicitors enough for the religious discrimination advice he received surrounding his application for a tribunal in London.

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Mr Amara had been a forklift driver in an electrical supplies storage warehouse for over 5 years. He cycled to work come rain hail or shine and had rarely ever missed a shift. His employers had catered for his religious needs and were more than happy to allow him solitary prayer time during his breaks.

His co-workers however found it endlessly amusing to torment Mr Amara about his faith. Not only did they mock his solitary prayer time they directly used to insult him labelling him a ?Muslim terrorist?. They used to constantly jibe at Mr Amara and he tolerated it for a few months when he thought they were maybe just having a laugh but when he realised they were serious he asked them to stop. Their tormenting got worse.

?I went to the warehouse manager and explained what was happening. He told me that the lads were probably just messing about. I told him it was serious but he said that I already stretched the patience of everyone with my prayers so I should stop moaning and be grateful to have the job. I decided to seek religious discrimination advice from Oakwood Solicitors about the possibility of a tribunal in London to resolve the situation.?

Having been subjected to a prolonged period or religious and racial harassment Mr Amara was able to settle his case outside of a tribunal and was very pleased with the result.

If you need help with a similar case and need religious discrimination advice about your rights in London call Oakwood Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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