Mrs O?Malley suffered religious discrimination but with help and advice from Oakwood Solicitors she was able to claim compensation.

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As a practising Roman Catholic Mrs O?Malley had never in the 6 years she had worked as a cleaner in a care home had to work on a Sunday or on St. Stephen’s day (Boxing Day). Mrs O?Malley had notified her employers when she started that she would work any other day of the year except these days. Mass was very important to her and this had never been an issue for anyone.

Following a change in management Mrs O?Malley found her shifts getting reduced without being notified. It seemed that the new management had issues with her not being able to work Sundays due to her religious beliefs and had decided to cut her hours. Mrs O?Malley asked that her shifts be returned to normal but she was told that she had been given the only available ones.

?I realised that I was getting fewer and fewer hours. My husband and I were struggling and I desperately needed my full time hours back. I had to look for alternative employment so I resigned. I decided to seek religious discrimination advice from Oakwood Solicitors about making a claim.?

Mrs O?Malley received a compensation pay out for constructive dismissal after having suffered religious discrimination at work. If you need religious discrimination advice from Oakwood Solicitors about making a claim call 0844 499 9302.

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