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If you are resigning because you have found a new job, then congratulations and you can send a straightforward resignation letter to your employer. However, if you are resigning for any other reason then please take this word of warning from an Employment Solicitor.

In the letter you hand to your boss, you must make it crystal clear why you are resigning, as Oakwood Solicitors Head of Employment explains, “We see lots of potential constructive dismissal cases that unfortunately will struggle because the client’s resignation letter does not state the reasons why they are leaving, these cases would most likely fail in the Employment Tribunal as the employer has no idea that the employee has left in response to a fundamental breach of their contract.”

We understand that some employees sometimes feel that they have no alternative but to leave a company, many employees worry that if they leave in certain circumstances that they will not get any final salary payments that are owed to them. The truth is that your employer has a legal responsibility to pay you what you are entitled to receive by law, and failure to do so could result in legal action against them, so never be afraid to outline the exact reason why you are leaving your employment.

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