September Strikes to bring Shade to your Summer Sun

 In Delayed or Cancelled Flights

Many holidaymakers are expected to be affected by Spanish Airport strikes this September. These strikes are expected to cause significant delays to many airlines travelling across Europe. The strikes are scheduled to take place at some of Spain’s largest airports including Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga and Palma, Majorca.

To add another black cloud to your holiday, unfortunately if you are delayed for this reason you will NOT be entitled to compensation.

The reason for this is that under the EU regulations, which make the compensation payable, the airlines are only held to be liable for flights which were delayed or cancelled due to a reason which was within their control.

If the event which caused the delay or cancellation was something that the airline had no control over, it is referred to as an extraordinary circumstance and compensation is NOT payable.

Strikes and industrial action at the airports are held to be outside of the control of the airline, making it an extraordinary circumstance and as such passengers are unable to claim compensation.

However, if the flight is delayed due a technical fault with the aircraft, a problem with a flight on a previous day or if no reason for the delay or cancellation has been provided then it is likely that you can claim.

The Telegraph in August 2015 estimated just in the last year, over half a million passengers have failed to claim compensation which is sat there waiting to be claimed. We are able to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights over the last 6 years, suggesting that millions of passengers are entitled to compensation but have not claimed it.

If you have been booked on a delayed or cancelled flight over the last 6 years then you are likely to be one of these passengers. You can receive up to 600 Euros for your claim which can be used for a further holiday or for anything you like. With Christmas less than 4 months away who doesn’t want an extra wad of money in their pocket?!

Claiming the compensation has never been easier. Oakwood Solicitors can advise through a short telephone call whether you are likely to be able to claim or not. MLS will then do all of the leg work for you and you can just sit back and wait for the compensation.

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