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You may have been the driver of a vehicle involved in a non-fault car accident with a taxi driver, or a taxi driver who has been hit by another road user. Alternatively, you could be a passenger within a taxi that is either at fault or has been involved in a collision with another motorist.

Whatever the situation, claims involving taxis can result in additional problems that need to be overcome in order to make a successful claim. These problems often arise at the onset of making a claim. One of the most common problems is attempting to identify the correct insurer of the vehicle, with many taxi drivers being responsible for arranging their own motor insurance.

That can sometimes come as a surprise, with many people thinking that the taxi firm will arrange the insurance for their drivers and have all the insurance details you require. Another issue could be that information is missing as it is not always obvious that drivers’ details need to be taken at the scene of the collision. We do see on some occasions that the taxi firm has not been made aware of an accident involving one of their drivers.

Accidents involving Taxis


I’ve been involved in a collision that involves a taxi. What should I do?

If you were a passenger in the taxi, make sure that you obtain the details of both vehicles involved. This should include the name and address of both vehicle drivers, the registration numbers and the make and model of the vehicles. Make sure to take the name of the firm that the taxi driver was driving under and the badge number of the driver. You may also wish to be present when the taxi driver rings in the accident to the taxi firm.

Your motor insurer or Solicitor should be able to identify the name of the third party insurers and the reference number for their policy. Visit our page on MIB Untraced Accidents to learn more about how Solicitors and insurers use the MIB database. Also ensure to note the date, time and exact location of when the collision took place.

If possible, try to obtain some proof of the taxi booking that you made. This may be fairly easy if the taxi has been booked using a mobile phone app.

It is important that you take all of this information because we often see problems arise where a taxi firm has been approached later for the required driver information, and they have either not responded to the request for information, or advise that they are not responsible for their drivers duty to take out a policy of insurance, and therefore do not have any details of the collision.

This can lead to delays whilst further investigations need to be carried out to identify the correct insurers of the taxi.

Should I report the accident to the police?

If you have sustained injuries, or one of the parties has failed to exchange details, you should ensure that the police have been made aware. If your taxi driver has reported the matter to the police, ask them to provide you with the reference number or wait until the police have attended to obtain this. If you are unable to obtain the police reference, having all of the accident information listed above should enable the police to be able to trace the report of the incident.

For more information on the steps to take following an accident, visit our RTA Overview page.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


How long do I have to claim?

This is the same as any other Road Traffic Accident Claim. You must pursue a claim within three years of the date of the accident. If you do not and the Courts have not been notified of the claim before the third anniversary, then your claim will become statute-barred. The regulations surrounding this form part of the Limitation Act 1980.

It effectively means that you would only be able to pursue the claim after this with the Court’s permission but this permission is only likely to be given in extreme circumstances. If the accident happened when you were under the age of 18, you have until the day before your 21st birthday to be able to make a claim (and have it files with the Courts).

What happens if I have been injured in the accident?

You can make a claim for personal injury in the same way you can for a normal Road Traffic Accident. For more information on the types of injuries commonly sustained in a Road Traffic Accident and what steps you should take to help you make a successful claim, you can visit our RTA Overview page. If a taxi collided with you as a pedestrian, please take a look at our RTA – Pedestrian page.

This will provide you with useful information on the common types of pedestrian accidents and the injuries that can be sustained, and how they can differ from accidents where the victim is inside a vehicle.



Can I make a claim for expenses?

Yes, a claim for documented expenses can still be made. It is very important to retain any information and documentation you may have to support the losses that you wish to claim for. These documents will help to satisfy the third party insurers that they should reimburse your losses.

Why use Oakwood Solicitors Ltd?

With years of experience in making Road Traffic Accident compensation claims against drivers of taxis and also on behalf of taxi drivers, Oakwood Solicitors has a highly successful track record of recovering compensation for many clients.

Can my claim be dealt with on a No-Win, No-Fee Agreement?

Yes. We are also happy to discuss any Road Traffic Accident claim with you, free of charge. You therefore have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free, no-obligation discussion.





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