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Sometimes cuts and grazes can be minor, but sometimes lacerations can lead to permanent scarring, which can be embarrassing if the scarring is visible.

A single noticeable scar with some minor cosmetic defect can justify awards between £2,080.00 and £6,870.00, however more serious scarring could justify an award up to £19,930.00.

Burns cause a greater degree of pain and suffering and can attract very high awards depending on the percentage covered on the body. If a person has burns over 40% of the body, for example, an award of up to £91,910.00 could be justified.

Each case should be considered on its own merits as scarring will affect different claimants in different ways.

In some cases, scar revision surgery may be possible. But in others, cosmetic camouflage may help reduce the appearance of scarring. If these treatments have been recommended by a medical expert, your solicitor can ensure they are included as part of your claim for damages.

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