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What is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy, also known as carbon dioxide therapy or CDT, involves the injection of filtered carbon dioxide gas under the skin. The practice has been used widely across the medical community in Europe since the 1950s and has been developed over the years.

From treatment of wrinkles and under-eye bags to the reduction of cellulite and fat, the uses of Carboxytherapy are widespread, but they all share a similar goal of reducing the effects of aging and help to rejuvenate the skin.

The effects of carboxytherapy depend on both the targeted area, but also the number of treatments an individual undergoes. Whilst some treatments will have more permanent effects, most treatments last around six months before another session will be needed to uphold the results.


The price per session of Carboxytherapy will depend on the area being treated and the individual provider, but one may expect to pay around £75.00 to £100.00 per session.

How Does Carboxytherapy Work?

The injection of Carbon Dioxide under the skin during Carboxytherapy is thought to cause the blood vessels in the area to dilate, which in turn increases blood supply.

Increasing the blood supply to a specific area increases exposure to oxygen and nutrients that are transported throughout our bodies in our blood, thus allowing the targeted area to be rejuvenated. Moreover, it is thought that the dilation of blood vessels and the increased supply of oxygen helps to reduce the build-up of fluid between cells which reduces fat levels.

Finally, the increased oxygenation of the skin is thought to stimulate the production of collagen, a naturally occurring protein that helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and ‘bags’.

Who Should Conduct Carboxytherapy?

It is recommended by the manufacturers of Carboxytherapy machines, and by many medical professionals, that Carboxytherapy is carried out by a trained, qualified medical practitioner such as a dermatologist, a nurse, or a doctor.

Beauticians are not recommended to carry out Carboxytherapy, but due to a lack of government regulation, it is hard to stop unqualified individuals providing treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Whilst Carboxytherapy is deemed a relatively safe and non-invasive procedure, there are some associated side effects, including minor swelling and bruising.

Whilst the procedure itself is often painless, some individuals complain of discomfort within the area which can be described as a burning feeling. Most individuals who receive carboxytherapy will recover from any minor side effects within a week of the treatment.

Nonetheless, there are more serious side effects associated with Carboxytherapy, including air or gas embolisms (bubbles of the carbon dioxide can enter the bloodstream and block the vessel) which in turn can cause blindness if affecting the blood vessels in the eye, or in extreme cases heart attacks and/or strokes.


Similarly to botulinum toxin, the treatment for any side effect experienced after Carboxytherapy will vary hugely depending on the patient’s symptoms.

It is highly advisable to contact a doctor or other qualified medical professional if any symptoms persist or you begin to feel unwell post-treatment, in order to ensure that you receive the correct advice and any treatment you may need.

Long-term Complications Prognosis

The long-term effects of Carboxytherapy remain relatively unknown as there is little research into the field. It is thought however that as the gas used, Carbon Dioxide, is naturally occurring within our bodies, there should be a minimal (if any) effect on an individual’s long-term health.

On the other hand, the long-term complications that can follow on from the more major side effects, such as a stroke, which can be life-altering.



How Do I Make a Claim?

If you have experienced any of the symptoms discussed as a result of anti-aging injections, you should first seek medical advice.

If you wish to pursue a claim, we will require details – where possible – of the practitioner or company who carried out the procedure, details of the dates this was undertaken and details of what symptoms you are experiencing.

We would also advise that you report the side effects to the practitioner or company who carried out the procedure. We can then assess the prospects of your claim and look to obtain compensation for the injury.

How Long Will My Case Take to Run?

Given the complexities involved in pursuing Cosmetic claims, they can often take 18-24 months to conclude and longer if Court proceedings have to be issued. Our investigations start by obtaining all relevant records and protocols before approaching independent medical experts for their opinion.

We will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your case to ensure that you are kept up to speed.

How Much is My Claim Worth?

It is often difficult to value cosmetic claims at their outset given the complexities involved. However, we will pursue two forms of compensation for you:

Firstly, we will pursue compensation known as general damages – an award of money for the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your injuries.

Secondly, we will pursue compensation known as special damages – an award of money for all your out of pocket expenses such as travel expenses, medication costs, loss of earnings, treatment costs both past and future. This list is not exhaustive and is very case-specific.

Why Use Oakwood Solicitors to Make Your Cosmetic Surgery Case?

We have a dedicated team of solicitors and paralegals who have many years’ experience between them in running cases of this nature. They are highly trained to deal with all aspects of cosmetic negligence.

We want to ensure that clients are not overwhelmed by legal jargon, medical terms that they don’t understand and to allow the claims procedure to be as transparent as possible.



How is My Case Funded?

The majority of Cosmetic cases are funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a “no-win, no fee” agreement. This means that there will be nothing to pay upfront and nothing to pay if the claim has been lost. If you are successful in your claim, a deduction of 25% of damages will be taken to cover the success fee and the shortfall in legal fees.

It may also be the case that an After The Event (ATE) insurance policy will be obtained to cover the costs of expensive medical reports and investigations. If an ATE insurance policy has been obtained the cost of the same will be discussed with you at the appropriate point.

The cost of the ATE insurance policy is again taken from your damages and only payable if you are successful with your claim.

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