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Quick Facts:

  • Protect your business and enable it to flourish with insurance-backed advice.
  • The certainty of cost with our 1-3 year fixed-fee service.
  • Affordable for all sizes of business – prices dependent upon the number of employees.
  • Flexible monthly payment plan.
  • Unlimited Employment Law and HR (employee relations) advice by phone, email and in person.
  • Bespoke contracts of employment, staff handbook and GDPR employee privacy notices.
  • Discounted rates for other Oakwood Solicitors services.


Corporate Employment Package


Designed to Protect Your Business

Due to the abolishment of the requirement for employees to pay fees to bring Employment Tribunal claims, there has been a sharp rise in claims against employers. The average cost of defending one claim is around £8,000 per case – which an employer is unlikely to be able to recoup from the employee, even if the employer successfully defends the claim, and the claim was without any real merit.

Our clients benefit from unlimited employment law and HR advice with a view to avoiding employees bringing claims against them, without compromising our clients’ commercial aims. In the event that an employee does bring a claim against one of our clients, the legal costs including any settlement or award will be taken care of by our insurance cover – providing certainty of outcome and cost. This allows business owners to concentrate on the most important aspect of their time – maintaining and growing their business.


Dedicated Point of Contact

We know how important continuity is, which is why you’ll enjoy direct access to a named, employment law advisor* who will support you with all employee relation and employment law issues, including:

  • Disciplinary process and dismissals.
  • Dealing with grievances.
  • Varying contracts of employment.
  • Redundancies.
  • TUPE transfer (sale or purchase of all or part of a business).
  • Dealing with complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination.


Value for Money

Prices start from £31 per week including insurance, and we offer a flexible range of payment solutions.


Unhappy with Your Current Provider?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for clients to join us having had a poor service from other providers, but are still within their contracted period with that provider. Due to our flexible payment arrangements, we can offer clients a discounted rate for an initial advice period, which will cover them to the end of their contract with their previous provider (the ‘Advice Period’).

During the Advice Period, your company will enjoy the benefit of our legal expertise to resolve your workforce issues without having to jump through hoops and navigate through red tape. However, you will not be paying for insurance cover with us during this time (unless required) or for the drafting of contracts, handbooks or GDPR privacy notices until your contract with your previous supplier has expired. This essentially provides you with a cost-effective second opinion.


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