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If you have concerns about the cost of any future care home fees and the impact, in particular, on your property, it is necessary to obtain full in-depth and correct advice before making any decision with regard to gifting what will be more than likely your most valuable asset.

We offer a free initial meeting with follow up advice prior to undertaking any further instructions from you.

Should you have already transferred your property to family members or into any form of trust and have concerns about this then we are happy to meet with you to discuss the same.

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Quick Facts

  • Provide you with advice concerning the funding of future care home fees only if required
  • Advise you of the advantages of such a gift
  • Advise you of the potential pitfalls of such a gift
  • Suggest alternatives which are less risky
  • Discuss the making or updating of your Will
  • Only proceed with such a transaction once you have fully understood the pro’s and con’s
  • Offer a fixed fee for any Deed of Gift & Cost of Care Advice

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Charlotte Bandawe

Solicitor and Head of Wills and Probate

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