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I have been invited to a disciplinary hearing. What should I expect?


Oakwood Solicitors understand how worrying it can be if you have been invited to a disciplinary hearing and do not know what to expect. An employer should follow the ACAS Code of Practice in relation to disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Your employer may also have a clear disciplinary policy set out in your Staff Handbook which should give you an idea on the process your employer will follow.

Our experienced employment team can advise you on what to expect at each stage of the disciplinary process and can be by your side from start to finish during this difficult time.

Disciplinary Proceedings


What rights do I have in relation to a disciplinary hearing?

Employees have a legal right to be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing by a work colleague or Trade Union representative (please note that this right does not apply during the disciplinary investigation stage).

If your employer has failed to follow the ACAS Code, any compensation that you may be awarded in relation to your claim could be increased by up to 25%.

If you think your employer has failed to follow the Code or the disciplinary policy set out in the Company Staff Handbook please contact Oakwood Solicitors for further advice.


I am concerned that I will be dismissed at the hearing. What should I do?

Employees often fear the worst when they receive an invite to a disciplinary hearing.

If you have attended a disciplinary hearing and the outcome of the hearing was dismissal from your current employment, please contact Oakwood Solicitors Employment Department as soon as possible as you may have an Unfair Dismissal claim. However, it is also important to remember that dismissal is not always the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

There are various other outcomes that can arise from a disciplinary hearing depending on how serious the allegations held against you are. Another possible outcome could be a written warning.

It is important to feel like you have someone to rely on to navigate you through a stressful disciplinary hearing. Why not call Oakwood Solicitors and speak to our experienced employment team today?


I do not think the outcome of my disciplinary hearing was fair. What now?

The ACAS Code states that employees should be given the right to appeal a disciplinary or grievance outcome. If an employer does not give the opportunity to appeal, this could be counted against them if the case goes to tribunal.

If your employer is preventing you from lodging or hearing your appeal or you simply need guidance on what to include in your appeal, please contact Oakwood Solicitors as soon as possible.



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