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The end of a marriage or civil partnership can be devastating, not only to the main two people involved but also to any children or extended family. Not knowing your legal rights and responsibilities can make this upsetting time even more difficult.

Our lead family law Solicitor, Sarah Hull, has over 21 years’ experience and is able to guide you through the process and advise you on all of the options that are available to you.

Sarah is adept at understanding and managing difficult issues involving settlements including high net worth assets, company structures, family-owned businesses, trusts, bitcoin and pensions. Sarah acts for clients from all walks of life both regionally and nationally.

Sarah’s clients value her sympathetic and understanding manner, backed by a tenacious and highly committed approach. Her national reputation as a pragmatic, tactical and committed lawyer precedes her and she is regularly recommended by clients and other professionals.

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How we can help with your divorce or civil partnership dissolution

Dealing with divorce proceedings and civil partnership dissolution

The process of starting or responding to divorce or civil partnership proceedings can be confusing and stressful. If you don’t get the details right, it can mean things take a lot longer and could lead to unnecessary conflict.

Our divorce lawyers can guide you through the legal side of ending your relationship, helping the process to go as swiftly and smoothly as possible. We can also advise you on the most effective approach to minimise the potential for conflict with your spouse or civil partner.

Financial settlements for divorce and dissolution

Achieving a fair separation of your finances that meets your needs can be challenging during a separation, especially if there are high value and/or complex assets to consider. While you can apply to a court to make a settlement for you, most couples are now able to agree a settlement out of court with the right legal advice and support.

Our family law team can help you achieve the best possible settlement for your divorce or civil partnership dissolution with clear, practical advice and support. We have particular expertise in matters including business assets, trusts and high net worth assets.


Arrangements for children

When you have children, divorce and separation can be particularly difficult to deal with. Making sure your children’s best interests and your rights as a parent are protected requires a careful approach so that you can get the right arrangements in place while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Our family law team is highly experienced in dealing with arrangements over children, so can help you agree with your former partner how to share your children’s care in a way that works for everyone. Where you cannot make a voluntary agreement, we can advise you on your options, including taking the matter to a family court if required.

Find out more about how can help you to resolve disputes over children.

Our fees for divorce and dissolution

We know that the cost of dealing with divorce and civil partnership dissolution is usually a key concern for many people. We therefore aim to keep our pricing clear and competitive, while offering you the high-quality expertise and personal service you deserve.

Some of our services can be offered on a fixed fee basis, meaning we quote a single price to handle a specific matter and that is the only price you pay. This is often a good option for straightforward issues, such as filling out and submitting your divorce petition.

Other services are more normally offered for an hourly rate, meaning we can offer you exactly as much support as you need to see the matter through to the right outcome. All billable work is always agreed in advance, allowing you to keep total control over the costs involved.

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We operate from offices in Leeds, but help Claimants in all of England and Wales. Rest assured, your case will be in good hands.

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