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Injuries to the hands and fingers are very common injuries that can have a very detrimental effect on daily living.

There is a whole range of guidance as to how much these cases are worth, with total loss of an index finger warranting an award of £16,420.00 and amputation of a little finger being £7,580.00 to £10,730.00.

Finger Injury at Work


Can I claim compensation in the event of a hand or finger injury at work?

Minor figure injuries such as fractures with a full recovery could justify an award up to £4,160.00, however more serious hand injuries with permanent disability could be worth between £5,110.00 and £11,640.00.

If the injury to the hand or finger prevents you from working in the future, or a prosthesis is required, this will add to the value of your claim, so it is essential you obtain the appropriate specialist medical reports in support of your claim. Choosing the right solicitor is therefore essential to get the maximum compensation for both past and future losses.


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