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Head injuries can be serious and can cause severe pain and discomfort, with accompanying headaches. A minor brain or head injury can attract an award of between £1,940.00 and £11,200.00 depending in the presence of headaches, extent of continuing symptoms, severity of the initial injury and the time taken to recover.

If facial injuries are sustained these warrant varying awards depending upon the area of the face and the severity of the injury. A simple fracture to the nose with a full recovery justifies and award between £1,500.00 and £2,210.00 whereas a serious fracture of the cheekbone would attract an award between £8,940.00 and £13,840.00.

Injuries to teeth are also common and may require future dental treatment in addition to claiming for the injury. Loss or serious damage to several front teeth could get you between £7,640.00 and £10,010.00 whereas loss or damage to a back tooth could be £960.00 to £1,500.00 per tooth.

It is therefore essential you get specialist legal advice from a solicitor who can you are receiving the maximum amount of compensation for your injury as well as claiming other losses in addition, such as loss of earnings and past or future dental treatment.

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