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Working in bars and nightclubs can put you at risk of losing your hearing or developing a noise-induced hearing condition such as tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in your ears). Even if you only work part-time in a bar, pub or club the noise levels are often far above the recommended noise level limit. This means that musicians, DJs, bartenders, toilet attendants and security staff are at high risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss or acoustic shock syndrome.

If you think you’ve developed hearing problems from working in noisy environments, then you could make a claim for significant compensation. Typical claims range from £5,000 – £30,000 depending on the severity of your hearing loss.

You could make a hearing loss claim if:

  • You have worked in a bar, nightclub, pub or music venue for at least a year
  • You regularly suffer from ringing in your ears
  • Your hearing has been significantly affected from prolonged exposure to noise
  • The noise levels at your place of work exceeded 85dB
  • The hearing loss you suffer from is affecting your daily life

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