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Japanese Knotweed Claims

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Japanese Knotweed is strong, fast-growing, invasive and very difficult to remove once it has invaded your property.

In order to remove Japanese Knotweed, specialists will need to be employed and they will need to take a carefully-managed approach to ensure that it does not return. If even the smallest piece of root is left, the weed is likely to re-grow very quickly. It can be extremely costly not only to completely remove it but also to repair any structural damage that it can cause to your property. Japanese Knotweed, if found on your property, can dramatically devalue it and make it much harder to sell.


Japanese Knotweed can invade your property due to neighbouring landowners (both private and commercial) having not controlled it properly. It can often be found along waterways and railway lines. When purchasing a property, the Surveyors and sellers both have an obligation to inform or identify the potential of this issue to you. Also, all landowners have a responsibility ensure that damage to neighbouring properties is avoided. If they have failed to do so, there is an opportunity to bring a claim against them.

In addition to ensuring that there is sufficient funding obtained to remove the Japanese Knotweed in full, we will assist you by claiming funds to make the necessary repair work to the property and seek to recover any loss in the market value of the property that has been caused.

Oakwood Solicitors has a dedicated Japanese Knotweed team that can assist with claims from all areas throughout England and Wales.


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