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If you have been a victim of negligent advice and that has caused your financial loss, you may be able to claim compensation. Claims for Professional Negligence can be complicated – therefore it’s critical that the case is prepared correctly from the outset.

Claims may include:

  • Under settlement of claims for personal injury, including failure to claim certain losses which are often forgotten – such as loss of pension, loss of bonus, care and loss of services
  • Under settlement of Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Failure to advise on funding options or about deductions (costs) from damages
  • A failure to include claims for personal injury within Employment Tribunal proceedings
  • Failing to advise individuals in respect of settlement agreements or failing to explain that a settlement agreement may also compromise a claim for personal injury
  • Failing to advise on potential civil remedies an individual may pursue as an alternative to a claim in the Employment Tribunal

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Depending on the nature of the dispute, we are able to offer a range of funding options including:

  • Conditional Fee Agreements (‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreements or ‘No Win, Lower fee’ Arrangements)
  • Fixed fee arrangements
  • Contingency Fee Agreements
  • Private fee-paying agreements at a competitive hourly rate

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Litigation – Professional Negligence

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