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Not only can accidents cause injuries to the spine, they can also make existing injuries or general wear and tear a lot worse.

In personal injury claims you may often hear reference to an accident causing an exacerbation (making worse) or an acceleration (bringing forward) of symptoms. These types of injuries can still be worth a lot of money so it is essential you get the right advice.

Minor neck injuries in where the symptoms have lasted between three months and a year can warrant an award between £2,150.00 and £3,810,00, whereas injuries lasting up to two years can be worth as much as £6,920.00.

More severe neck injuries with symptoms lasting up to five years justify an award up to £12,050.00 and injuries such as fractures or dislocations could warrant an award of £33,750.00.

Back injuries warrant similar award to neck injuries and there can often be an overlap in the symptoms. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on how much your claim is worth following a report from a specialist medical expert.

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