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What is a Settlement Agreement?


A Settlement Agreement (also known as a ‘Compromise Agreement’ or ‘Package’) is a legally binding Agreement between you and your employer which prevents you from pursuing employment tribunal claims or initiate other legal proceedings against your employer. Often a Settlement Agreement will involve a financial offer from your employer to yourself with a view to terminate your employment.

Settlement Agreement


I have been offered a Settlement Agreement. What are my next steps?

If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement you may have already been advised that you need to seek legal advice in relation to the Agreement in order for it to be considered legally binding.   

Employers will usually offer a contribution towards the legal fees that you will incur in seeking legal advice in relation to your Agreement.

Oakwood Solicitors have plenty of experience in dealing with Settlement Agreements and can advise you on the range of questions that you may have in relation to the process of signing the Agreement.

Please contact Oakwood Solicitors to speak to our team of experts in relation to your Agreement.  


I have been offered a Settlement Agreement but I do not want to accept it. What can I do?

Sometimes Settlement Agreements can be offered to you when you least expect it. You may feel shocked or upset that you have been offered a Settlement Agreement to terminate your employment.

Often there is more to the story in relation to why you have been offered a Settlement Agreement.

Oakwood Solicitors will work with you closely so that you fully understand the Settlement Agreement. We also like to understand a little about your personal circumstances so that we can ensure that the Settlement Agreement is right for you.

This means that Oakwood Solicitors will often negotiate with your employer (or your employers solicitor) on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Why not speak to our team of experts to see if there is an alternative solution to you signing your Settlement Agreement?


I am happy to sign a Settlement Agreement but I think I should receive more financial compensation. What can I do?

You and your employer may have a mutual agreement in relation to you terminating your employment however, you may not mutually agree on the financial offer that has been put forward in order for you to do so.

Our service aims are to ensure that you are happy with the Agreement and can move on with your career. Contact Oakwood Solicitors today to find out if you could be owed more or could negotiate for a higher settlement sum.



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